Paris Is Always a Good Idea

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Paris Is Always a Good Idea audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Paris Is Always a Good Idea audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Paris Is Always a Good Idea audiobook free

I honestly wasnt sure if Id like Chelsea, but she changed and grew into a beautiful, caring, wonderful and open individual! I laughed out loud and I had tears at the end of the book! I love the premise of the book, going back and re-visiting the places/people that made you so happy after suffering a personal loss. Excellent writing and wonderful three-dimensional characters. A great book to escape into while practicing social-distancing.


Review #2

Paris Is Always a Good Idea audiobook streamming online

Mediocre idea. I read this book a couple days ago and have been going back and forth about my feelings for it since then. It is probably a red flag when at the beginning of the book you find yourself agreeing with the heroine who is supposed to be in the wrong. But I think I would be worried too if my widower father decided to marry a woman who won a date with him at a charity auction two weeks ago, but apparently this means she doesnt know how to love anymore. If this is true, my family may be in trouble. In Paris Is Always a Good Idea, Chelseas quest to find out how to feel love again takes her on a whirlwind trip to Europe where she retraces a trip she took 7 years prior when she had flings with three different men. I really enjoyed the scenery of Ireland, France, and Italy and the chemistry between Chelsea and the man she ends up (no spoilers) with was great, but she still made some rash decisions that I had a hard time relating to. The love interest in the story was probably my favorite part, although both he and Chelsea used some vernacular that felt dated to me; do people still say Snap! and As If!? Although the romance was satisfying, and the deeper themes of grief and how it changes us were done well, the ending at her fathers wedding still made me uncomfortable. I would love to chat about this read if anyone else has read it. What is a book that had you struggling to decide if you really enjoyed it? Clean rating: 1/2 for a sex scene at the end that feels a little stilted and unsatisfying….to the reader.


Review #3

Audiobook Paris Is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay

I have read everything Jenn Mckinlay has written and enjoyed it thoroughly! Her stories are filled with love and warmth and humor. Her characters are people I would very much like to have as friends. She has taught me lots about having positive relationships. Her latest story continues all that! I\’ve read it twice now because I enjoyed it so much. A thoughtful, delicious read that I highly recommend to anyone who wants some joy and fun right now. Thanks for all your work, Ms. Mckinlay!!


Review #4

Audio Paris Is Always a Good Idea narrated by Brittany Pressley

This book rolls two of my favorite things into one… an enemies-to-lovers romance and gallivanting around Europe. This is literally my fantasy and I will read or watch anything that has these elements. I got caught up in the descriptions of Ireland, Paris, and Tuscany, and that makes for a good escape from the real world while feeding my fantasies. There are some more serious themes here as well, but such is life (c\’est la vie), and here these themes are an integral part of these characters. It did not take away from the story in my opinion. The only thing that really aggravated me was how presumptuous Chelsea was. I mean, it had been 7 years since she saw Colin, Jean Claude, and Maricello, did she think their lives had stood still during that time and that they were pining away for her? All that aside, the book is well written and will definitely go on my list of books that I love to read again and again.


Review #5

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Jenn McKinlay\’s writing expertise truly comes out in this romantic novel. It\’s a great book to read during the COVID pandemic, as you can travel with Chelsea, the protaganist, through several countries as she seeks to reconnect with some lost loves from a post-college trip years ago. Her widowed father had just announced he\’s getting married, which sends her into a tailspin. Although she loves her job, Chelsea realizes she has done virtually nothing but work. Engaging characters and a bit of a complicated plot will keep you reading, not to mention the enchanting descriptions of all of the countries Chelsea travels through. Then of course, there\’s romance, which comes from an unexpected source. Her search for her lost self comes with humor, angst, and heartbreak, but it also brings a great deal of self-reflection and introspection. Can she find that college girl and reclaim her lost loves, or does a new revelation dawn? Find out by reading Paris is Always a Good Idea.


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