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Plum Pudding Murder audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Plum Pudding Murder audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Plum Pudding Murder audiobook free

The 12th book in the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery series, Plum Pudding Murder, published in 2009 and written by Joanne Fluke, gets 3.5 stars. I’m skipping my normal detailed and formatted review, as you can only say so many new and different things about similar-type books. That said, I enjoyed this edition and would recommend it to existing fans and potentially new ones.

In this escapade, Hannah continues baking up a storm while preparing for the Christmas holidays. When the owner of a local tree nursery and shop is murdered, she solves the case by enlisting her mother, sisters and friends in all sorts of hi-jinks. She outsmarts her on again / off again cop boyfriend Mike, and continues flirting with her other boy, dentist Norman. Throw in about 25 recipes, and you’ve got a cute and fun cozy book to enjoy. Not to mention the big surprise at the end when the college guy who broke her heart shows up in town!

The murder is good, the story has a strong cast of suspects and the characters provide comic relief. It should have been 15% more story and less recipe, only to give us the necessary substance. The plots also need to start sooner; the murder didn’t happen until 50% through the book! While we got to know the cast in the first half, which gave us potential red herrings and culprits, I wanted to be a bit more invested at that point.

I adore Hannah, want her as my best friend and would love to live in this town. I’d eat cookies all day, but that’s what I do… so there you have it, folks…

Review #2

Plum Pudding Murder series Hannah Swensen

I’ve more or less enjoyed the Hannah Swenson Mysteries and was always looking forward to the next book. Not anymore. The series is getting increasingly unrealistic, repetitive and the characters have become stale and annoying. I don’t know of anyone who is able to function for more than three days on little or no sleep at all. Can Hannah please just once go to bed at a decent hour and recharge her batteries? And then there’s the never-ending love triangle between herself, Mike and Norman. Are you really trying to tell me that two perfectly eligible bachelors are willing to wait and compete (for how many years now?) for a woman who doesn’t give a flying fig about her appearance and continues to wear the same ratty bathrobe and boots she bought at the thrift store eons ago? At this point I hope they both dump her and get on with it. Oh…but there is Hannah’s knack for baking these fabulous cookies! If I hear one more “These are really good, Hannah!”, I’m going to scream. Nobody ever says “Hmm…I don’t know. I think they’re too sweet.”. So you see, even the dialogues have become repetitive. Kind of like that “time of day when it’s too late for a breakfast cookie and too early for a lunch cookie”. All this being said, I haven’t even commented on the plot, which can be summed up in a single word: Predictable. Excuse me…my phone is ringing and my cat’s hair is standing on end…”Hello, Mother”…”I wish you wouldn’t do that.”.

Review #3

Audiobook Plum Pudding Murder by Joanne Fluke

It’s near Christmas in Lake Eden, and Larry Jaeger is doing a robust business at his Christmas Elf Land until someone shows up at his modern trailer and shoots him to death. Of course, Hannah and Norman find the body, and Hannah is determined to find the murderer..

The usual cast appears in this work, and the usual love triangle among Norman, Mike and Hannah is still strong much to this reader’s annoyance. More to this reader’s annoyance is that monster Moishe. Norman bought a Christmas tree for Hannah, which Moishe knocked down on the first night. Norman tied it to the wall with wire. He and Hannah then decorated it with Hannah’s great grandmother’s antique ornaments. Hannah put them at the top of the tree. Moishe climbed to the top of the tree, and broke all but two of these beautiful antique ornaments. When Norman and Hannah were wrapping presents, Moishe grabbed the ribbon, and was trying to rip the
wrapping paper. What a monster! What is so annoying is how Hannah, Norman and Mike cater to this monster of a cat. He needs to go to school for behavior modification.

Review #4

Audio Plum Pudding Murder narrated by Suzanne Toren

I am very tired of the whole Mike/Norman which way will she go thing. There is no way if this were to happen in real life these two men would be so friendly and able to handle each other so well. It seems like the stories are getting more predictable and formulaic. The characters are also becoming characters of themselves which is all the more frustrating because at this point in the series they should be very flushed out and multi dimensional. With each book Hannah seems to give over more control to Lisa at the Cookie Jar so it’s only a matter of time before Lisa gets fed up and sues Hannah for complete ownership because she is the one doing all the work while Hannah is off running around. I am not reading these because I am a glutton for punishment but because they are a fun easy read to pick up, then put down and out of your mind. The added extra bonus are the recipes. I have tried several and they have become staples at my house.

Review #5

Free audio Plum Pudding Murder – in the audio player below

I really got into this series. Getting them in order, am now waiting for #13 which is apple turnover. I really enjoyed the book, but I have to agree with some of the other folks, too many recipes and not enough mystery, also too much talk about the food, which I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but there wasn’t enough focus on the murder.Dont know how many books there are, but I will keep on getting them. Hannah needs to focus also on which fellow she wants and marry him. I’m hoping that it’ll be norman !! Anyways, will keep on reading the series, I really do enjoy them !!

the story was enjoyable in the usual style BUT 28 recipes takes up far too much of the book!!and to have every item of food described indetail was too much. I also was irritated at the frequent mentioning of english “plum pudding” and how awful it is.I LOVE xmas pudding and have made many over the years.Hannah makes her own superior? version with a LOAF of WHITE bread and atin of plums!!!!! more like bread pudding especially as it was baked not steamed.Joanna please realise some of your readers CAN cook Helen cambridge.

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