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Practical Demonkeeping Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Practical Demonkeeping audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Practical Demonkeeping audiobook free

Introducing characters who make appearances in subsequent books, this novel offers an entertaining and pleasurable experience. It serves as a great introduction to Mr. Moore’s literary repertoire.

Review #2

Practical Demonkeeping audiobook Series Pine Cove

This marks Christopher Moore’s debut novel, showcasing the characteristic elements that would ultimately contribute to his enduring success in later literary ventures, along with a touch of novice uncertainty.

As typical of his unconventional narratives, the storyline defies succinct summary and almost seems secondary. It revolves around a demon obligated to serve a man who fervently desires to shed this onerous connection (managing a demon is quite the hassle when said demon still finds occasion to engage in frequent acts of mayhem and feasting on humans). The demon and his obligator find themselves pursued to the town of Pine Cove, CA – Moore’s favored coastal setting teeming with eccentric individuals and a prominent locale in his other works – by a genie. Please refrain from probing further; as previously mentioned, Moore’s plots convolute wildly. Nevertheless, the true delight in his work stems from the eccentric characters, quirky tangents, and observations made by both him and his characters. Not to mention the unapologetically offbeat humor. Practical Demonkeeping introduces a plethora of peculiar, twisted, yet endearing personalities. The narrative brims with comical incidents and the author’s sharp, astute commentary, rife with metaphors and similes that leave you pausing in appreciation.

While a handful of laugh-out-loud moments punctuate the tale, the predominant experience is one of feverish, imaginative amusement. If you’re unacquainted with Christopher Moore, this novel could serve as a favorable starting point. It grants an impeccable initiation to his whimsical sense of humor. Should you find it to your liking, a chronological reading of his subsequent books might be prudent. For instance, the next in line would be “Bloodsucking Fiends,” a work possessing a tad less humor yet considerably more humanity. As Moore matured, his narratives masterfully intertwined genuine human emotions with bizarre and uproarious occurrences.

“Island of the Sequined Love Nun” and my personal favorite thus far, “Coyote Blue,” exemplify an author wielding a genuinely distinctive voice and vision.

The novitiate flaws in this book primarily revolve around a lack of precision. Moore habitually threads intricate plots and numerous narrative strands that only coalesce towards the conclusion. This particular work sprawls even more, juggling an abundance of characters and storylines that occasionally caused me to lose track. An individual introduced on page 25 might resurface 100 pages later, leading to their temporary abandonment in my memory. Subsequent Moore novels tend to have more outlandish and convoluted plots (as seen in “Fluke”), yet they boast fewer characters to navigate through the intricacies. “Practical Demonkeeping” demanded slightly more effort than I’m accustomed to when it comes to Moore’s writing. Furthermore, his romances, while charming and wittily observed, lacked the emotional investment that would later become a hallmark of his works. However, these aspects remain minor imperfections in an otherwise outstanding book.

It’s important to note that humor is a rare commodity, often falling between the extremes of Dave Barry’s levity and Kurt Vonnegut’s biting cynicism. Moore occupies the middle ground with his inventive, amusing, and downright insane narratives. I sense his readership expanding with each new release, and rightfully so. I’m elated about this growth because I’ve savored his creations immensely in recent years, and I ardently wish the same pleasure upon others.

Review #3

Audiobook Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore

This book doesn’t precisely elicit uproarious laughter. The demon’s insatiable appetite precludes any lightheartedness – unless, of course, it involves the demon’s own twisted sense of humor. Yet, “Practical Demonkeeping” exudes a cleverness that gradually dips into the realm of biting irony. Its humor wears a shade of darkness, exemplified in a scene where the demon emitted a cough that expelled a red spiked heel. The heel ricocheted off a windshield, leaving a trail of infernal saliva.

One might assume the red high heel was once worn by a woman, but this isn’t that sort of narrative. In truth, it belonged to Billy Winston, a motel night clerk whose sartorial inclinations were rather unconventional from the waist down – the concealed domain beneath the counter, invisible to motel patrons. Moore’s characters, even the dubious ones like drug dealers and pool sharks, possess traces of redeeming qualities. I felt genuine remorse when the demon devoured Billy.

Even the demon, Catch, boasts moments of endearment – often engrossed in Cookie Monster comic books between meals. His sense of humor resembles that of a feline toying with its prey.

A significant portion of the book’s humor derives from a secondary supernatural entity, the King of the Djinn. This character has pursued Catch since the days of King Solomon, except for an intermission spanning millennia spent trapped in a lead jar at the ocean’s depths. He expresses himself with phrases like, “By Aladdin’s lamplit scrotum,” and “Disclose the hiding place of the Seal of Solomon, or we’ll subject your nether regions to a high-powered, nine-speed reverse action blender.” The authentic hero of “Practical Demonkeeping,” the proprietor of Pine Cove’s establishment for fishing gear, spiritualists, and fine wines, likens the King of the Djinn to “a prune donning a Carmen Miranda ensemble.” Surprisingly, this incongruous duo unites for a bout of demon pursuit.

“Wickedly funny” precisely captures the essence of this tale. The book, featuring winos, pagans, the prune-like Djinn, and a ravenous demon, oozes wickedly humorous charm. Dive into its pages, and you might even meet your demise – particularly if you brush aside its caution against picking up hitchhikers near Pine Cove, California.

Review #4

Audio Practical Demonkeeping narrated by Oliver Wyman

Ninety-year-old Travis O’Hearn, who defies age and appears no older than twenty-five, has grappled with an intriguing predicament. Serving as the reluctant custodian of the snake-skinned demon known as Catch for the majority of the 20th century has posed its challenges. While the role comes with its advantages like immortality and the potential for global dominance, it also entails a vexing quandary tied to the insatiable beast’s cravings. Travis, inherently good-natured and unwilling keeper of the demon, has strived to limit Catch’s diet to drug dealers and others lacking innocence over the years. Yet, the situation remains less than ideal, and Travis yearns to sever his ties with Catch.

The resolution to Travis’s dilemma might be concealed within Pine Cove, California, a tourist town brimming with captivating personalities. Among them is Howard Phillips, proprietor of H.P.’s Cafe, who fervently believes that his daily specials stand as the sole safeguard against the world succumbing to a pre-human race. (Howard demands his waitresses recite the specials in meticulously memorized passages of excessively ornate prose. A dish as simple as ham and eggs transforms into “a diabolically enticing fusion of delectable elements so mouthwatering that a mere depiction of this flavorsome fusion might induce madness.”) Also descending upon Pine Cove is Gian Hen Gian, a disheveled demon hunter whose profanity materializes in swirls of blue and whose cravings for table salt are undeniable. Gian also boasts a history as a laborer during the construction of King Solomon’s temple.

Christopher Moore’s writing brims with wit and imagination, and “Practical Demonkeeping,” his inaugural work, makes for a delightful literary escapade. Moore’s creative repertoire should strike a chord with enthusiasts of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series and fans of Tom Robbins.

Review #5

Free audio Practical Demonkeeping – in the audio player below

Enthusiasts of Christopher Moore’s work will recognize his signature blend of ordinary, grounded individuals and extraordinary creatures like vampires, zombies, and the like. Thus, it should come as no shock that this book comfortably resides within his characteristic genre. Here, the fantastical entity takes the form of a demon named Catch, bound to a 90-year-old man named Travis who paradoxically looks more akin to 24. A Djinn also joins the cast, serving as a recruiter for the regular folks tasked with capturing the demon and relegating it back to the depths of hell.

This narrative marks Moore’s inaugural exploration of Pine Cove, a locale that will serve as the backdrop for some of his subsequent works. Consequently, readers are treated to a glimpse of the town’s history, especially the origin story behind the saloon named the Head Of The Slug. Sage wisdom emerges courtesy of Augustus Brine, the owner of a bait shop whose quasi-Zen philosophy equips him for a battle against demons, apparently.

The plot maintains a steady rhythm, devoid of any startling twists, yet punctuated by intermittent laugh-out-loud moments. The characters are artfully crafted, resonating with a sense of familiarity that most of us can relate to in some way. I derived enjoyment from the experience, though it must be noted that I already count myself among Moore’s avid followers.

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