Pulled Under (Walker Security #2)

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Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) audiobook free

Pulled Under is book two in the Walker Security series but can be read as a stand-alone. I read late into the night and has a hard time putting it down. I\’ve been waiting for more Walkers and this did not disappoint!! I freaking loved it!! Asher is a great character with the capacity to charm your socks (or panties!) off, make you swoon, melt your heart, make you smile or outright laugh, make you hot (yes indeed!!), and make you angry at the same time you succumb to his charms. He\’s an ex-SEAL and cold as ice, calculating. Enter Sierra and the man falls hard and fast, his alpha-man side equally as appealing as his tender side. Sierra is clearly running, and he sees it immediately and goes into protective mode. She wants no part of it, of him and keeps pushing him away. He\’s more than she can handle while she deals with outrunning her past. But she had no idea she placed herself in the cross-hairs of his undercover operation and was suddenly the focus of their prime suspect. He inserts himself into her life so seamlessly that she\’s thrown. The connection is so obvious and self-denial only adds to the explosiveness when they give in to passion. Off the charts hot! The Walker clan is back in all their glory and I love them all! The antics, the intensity, the job and their love for their women. I found myself trying to solve the mystery. Trying to figure out who might be a \”bad guy\” in the Walker Security ranks, because…trust no one! The truth of Sierra\’s past is a stunner with a connection to Asher and Luke! Go figure. Bad blood fuels their need to take him down!! Who is he? The Beast! I won\’t tell you more because Pulled Under is a must-read. I\’ll admit that as the book seemed to near the end, things happened quickly and not to my expectations or killing. But the author pulled a fast one on me and things got REALLY good! Oh, there\’s a HEA but this is no white horse carriage ride. Asher and Sierra, the Walker clan and Walker Security rain hell down and somehow make this forbidden romance unforgettable!


Review #2

Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) audiobook in series Dark & Deadly Tall Walker Security

Lisa Renee Jones keeps getting better and better and the newest book in the Walker Security series is no exepction. It has everything – great romance, suspense and great lead characters, everything I have come to expect from Ms Jones. Sierra is on the run and has been running for 9 months. She lands in New York and wants to make just enough money to leave for good. When she meets Asher who she thinks is just a fellow bartender at the shady bar she is working at she is not interested in anyway shape or form. Especially after he insults her and he is definitely not her type anyway, but when she accidentally mace\’s him and then finds out he is at the bar undercover trying to catch a serial killer things start to heat up – especially when the serial killer is after her. That along with the powerful man who is hunting her down – having Asher and Walker Security may not be a bad thing but she refuses to have any of them hurt because of her. Especially Asher who she realizes is not what she expects. Asher doesn\’t believe in love but when Sierra enters his life an overwhelming feeling of protection towards her throws him off. Then when he finds out how much trouble she really is in Asher knows he will do everything in his power to not only protect her but take out the person who hunts her. No matter how much Sierra fights him every step of the way. I love the way Ms. Jones is able to balance suspense and romance in her books. That along with great characters its makes her romantic thrillers a must read for me every time. Told in dual POV\’s we get both Asher and Sierra\’s stories from their sides which I love. We also get to see the entire Walker clan including a few new characters that I absolutely love. There is also a call out for a few characters that aren\’t in the book but we know where they are at (hope there is more to come). The story is fast paced with fantastic dialog and story and character development. While there are references to other characters this is a standalone so if you haven\’t read any of the Walkers then you won\’t be lost at all – though I hope after reading Pulled Under you will want to read about the rest.


Review #3

Audiobook Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) by Lisa Renee Jones

Sierra is a woman with a past full of trouble and she is doing her best to keep it from catching up to her. Then she meets Asher who is determined to be a part of Sierra\’s life. Except Sierra doesn\’t want anyone getting close to her for more than one reason. But the connection between Asher and Sierra just grows stronger and hotter then more they are together. Asher tries to be a nice guy and do the right thing by Sierra and it backfires when he tries to first protect her. Little does he know the baggage she comes with. They both have baggage but hers is so deep, it\’s like an octopus, she does\’t know how long those tentacles reach. And when they do reach her they will strangle her. Can Asher and the Walker Security Team help her before those tentacles find her? So Lisa Renee Jones is a master at writing the plot lines to stories that you can\’t put down. The more I read from her the more I love her writing. While I read I can\’t stop thinking about the what ifs and what coulds in the story. Her characters develop at a steady pace so you learn to trust them just as they learn to trust each other. As the story develops you just know the bad guy is going to come and you wait and turn the pages rapidly waiting for it and she surprises you when it comes. Just when you think everything is safe and perfect. HA! It never fails and I love it! I want to read more about the Walker Security Team in her other books because I love books that mingle the characters together in the various stories. This group is so tight like family. I want to learn more. Beautifully written and another great read from Lisa!


Review #4

Audio Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) narrated by Lance Greenfield Muffy Newtown

Life at Walker Security is as exciting as ever. No dull moments there. The team members seem to be following in the Walker Brothers\’ footsteps. Falling hard! Asher walked away from a wealthy life to get away from his controlling father. He is a long haired, tattooed and cheeky Ex Seal. Sierra is a mysterious bartender who just happens to work in the club where Asher is undercover for Walker Security. Asher gets the wrong impression of Sierra\’s role on their first encounter. She gives as good as she gets, but her body language betrays her. He is an expert at reading body language! He is attracted to her as much as he is intrigued by her. He senses something dark behind her calm demeanour and what happens next confirms his belief. She is running scared! Whist he is trying to flush out a serial killer, she attracts the attention of the suspect. He decides there and then that he will protect her, no matter what. He is also determined to unearth her secrets. What he uncovers is dangerous, not only to her, but to anyone who gets involved with her. When she finds out about his mission, she offers assistance as she is more than familiar with Forensic Psychology. Hence, the beginning of a partnership and a passionate love affair. The whole Walker Clan gets involved and it becomes a dangerous, fast paced and gripping story. The team work is impeccable. The interactions between Asher and Sierra are intense and heartfelt. I became mesmerised by this thrilling and sensational novel. A terrific addition to the series and I look forward to Jacob\’s story. I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.


Review #5

Free audio Pulled Under (Walker Security #2) – in the audio player below

Pulled Under Book 2 in the Walker Security series continued at the same pace set in the first book Deep Under In this book we meet Asher who works with the elite security firm. While undercover on a job he meets Sierra who he quickly discovers is hiding from someone and carrying one helluva secret. His attraction to her is near instant but it\’s his desire to protect her and find out what\’s going on with her that made me fall for him. Asher is a fab character – a bit of a chameleon, he can fit in when suited or booted or tattoos on show behind a bar. I loved that he was determined not to let Sierra go regardless of how much she tried to push him away. Sierra was a good leading lady, you could do nothing but feel for her as she\’d ran from a terrible existence but she peeved me off at times with her \’will I stay or go\’, \’can I trust these people or not\’…. I got that she was terrified of whoever she was running from but gods, what did Asher and the Team have to do to get her to settle and believe that they were there to help her. Well written, fast paced, full of suspense, intensity, chemistry and packed with heat and attraction, Lisa Renee Jones has written another great series with the Walker Security books and I can\’t wait for book 3 and to find out what\’s in store for Jacob. I rate Pulled Under 4*


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