The Complete Guide to Fasting

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The Complete Guide to Fasting is a book about health and wellness. It is about your fitness through the right diet and nutrition. The book is written by Jimmy Moore and coauthored by Dr. Jason Fung. If you want to check more fitness and diet-related books by the author then do consider reading Cholesterol Clarity and The Keto Cure.

Jimmy Moore himself narrated this chapter. After going through this audiobook, you will agree that nobody could do it better than him. It was done with immense perfection and it was the case as nobody else knows this book better than him.

The Complete Guide to Fasting audiobook free

You must have seen countless books written on diets to help people in enhancing their health through weight loss. But, for any good nutritional program, the methods used must be tried and tested for effectiveness. It could be extremely revolutionary for taking the health measures to the next level. The secret behind this health enhancement is an ancient one and that is fasting.

The book beautifully explains that fasting is not just about starving. It needs to be done in the right manner. It could be a very useful therapeutic approach that could bring highly desirable results. It is all regardless of the diet plan. Dr. Jason Fung from Toronto has himself employed a range of fasting protocols on more than 1,000 patients. The success rate was fantastic.

This book will make a fantastic read or listen to. You will get a deep insight into the science supporting eating habits and weight management. It also tells about some serious concerns to our health. All this comes with great experience and knowledge of both the authors.

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