Rewire Your Anxious Brain

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Rewire Your Anxious Brain Audiobook

Rewire Your Anxious Brain is a nonfictional chapter on a psychology and mental health topic. This book tells that how one could maximize the neuroscience of fear in order to put panic, anxiety and worry to an end. This book is written by Catherine M. Pittman PhD and coauthored by Elizabeth M. Karle MLIS. Catherine M.

Pittman is a writer, professor and a licensed clinical psychologist. She is a specialist in the treatment of brain injuries and anxiety disorders. She has worked as a professor with a teaching experience of more than 30 years. In writing domain, she has got another useful book which is titled as Rewire Your OCD Brain.

Rewire Your Anxious Brain

Susannah mars narrated this Rewire Your Anxious Brain book in the audio format. She has got a very calm and soothing voice which you will find quite easy to listen as well.

Do you ever think that what exactly happens inside your brain when you feel worried, anxious or panicked? In this book, both the authors, Catherine Pittman and Elizabeth Karle offer people with an evidence based and a unique solution in order to counter anxiety. The solution is based on extensive research in cutting edge neuroscience.

You will get to learn about cortex and amygdala which are considered as critical components in the neuropsychology of anxiety. Amygdala is something which is known for acting as a sort of primal response. Quite often, you may not understand that why you feel scared when this part of your brain deal with fear. The authors will make you learn this stuff through simple and specific examples related to managing fear.

Free Audiobook Rewire Your Anxious Brain

It is a well-structured book with quite helpful and to the point content. It is a book which could help people to counter anxiety and panic attacks with ease.

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