Running with the Demon

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Running with the Demon audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Running with the Demon audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Running with the Demon audiobook free

As a long-time Terry Brooks devotee, I\’ve been hesitant about getting into the pre-Shannara books. What if they weren\’t as good? But now that I\’ve read a couple of them, I\’m glad. The Shannara books, especially the 4-book series \”The Scions of Shannara,\” will always hold a special place in my hearts. Brooks\’s reputation rests on them, and rightly so. But these pre-Shannara books, which chronicle the apocalypse that turns our present into the future depicted in the Shannara books, are also well done, while refreshingly different. Brooks is a master at setting and description, and \”Running with the Demon\” showcases his talents with something much more mundane than the Four Lands: small-town Illinois. The effect is different than his fantasy landscapes, but he grounds the narrative just as well with evocative landscapes and places. It won\’t sweep you off to exotic lands in the same way, but it will give you an intense sensation of place. The plot is expertly done, interweaving multiple subplots and a mystery to build the tension to the final confrontation. And Brooks is as usual excels at action sequences, although there\’s only one really epic magical battle in the book. So while I might not have come to this without having read the original Shannara books first, it\’s well-done in and of itself, and gives us a glimpse of how the Four Lands came to be. Hardcore Shannara fans may or may not appreciate the change of setting, but fans of apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fiction, whether adult or YA, may find this a good introduction to the Shannara universe.


Review #2

Running with the Demon audiobook streamming online

Loved it! Nest Freemark is 14 years old and lives with her grandparents in Illinois. Her mom is dead and she doesn\’t know who her father is. Grandma knows but she\’s not saying. Oh, and Grandma is magic as was Nest\’s mother. And Nest. She isn\’t supposed to use her magic or speak of it. Grandpa thinks his wife is crazy, talking about things no one else can see. But Nest can. And Nest has a sylvan friend named Pick who takes care of the park near the house. No one can see him either. Bad things start to happen in the park and Pick gets help from Nest whenever he needs it. It\’s harder all the time to keep her secret from her friends. And then a demon shows up. This is a good story with a lot more going on than just some 14 year old kids hanging out in the park. I can\’t wait to get my hands on Book 2.


Review #3

Audiobook Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks

I love Terry Brooks and this is one of my favorite books! Im so glad the books are available on kindle. My father started me on this series, and the story telling is amazing!! He has an ability to blend fantasy with reality without it seeming cheesy. This is a book I end up getting lost in and reading until it is finished. You know its a good one when you lose all track of time. Nest is a beautiful and unsuspecting heroine and you become emotionally invested in John Ross and his mission to protect her at all costs. This is the first book in a trilogy meant to preclude the Shannara series and the fall of the modern world as it gave way to magic, new races, and the unspeakable evil trying to destroy it. If you are a fantasy reader, and even if you are not, this book is a beautiful blend of fantasy, suspense, and drama.


Review #4

Audio Running with the Demon narrated by George Wilson

I have been a reader of the Shannara series since I was in 7 grade and quite frankly, I was a bit appalled at the thought of this being the prequel. You never want your happy memories of books to be destroyed or your connection severed by another book that seems completely unrelated. In this case I was terribly wrong about it damaging my love for the world of Shannara, this is a great read. Hard to put down with characters who are broken but not beaten, damaged, and yet strong. Nest and John are truly characters that worm into your heart. Pick provides sarcastic comic relief, and Two Bears is still an enigma. I must say that I enjoyed this book much more than I anticipated and Terry Brooks has proved his skill in handling a world, and individual characters with depth. Looking forward to more twists, battles, and visions in the war between the word and the void.


Review #5

Free audio Running with the Demon – in the audio player below

I chose to give this book a high rating. I choose to do so because it held my interest to find out how it all began, the Shannara series. I must admit I have never been an avid reader. However, after the wife and I had watched the MTV production of the Shannara Chronicals, she wanted to research the author and found a number of books by Terry Brooks and realized they were connected to each other. She read a few and told me good they were and how she enjoyed them so. I decided I would try this one, and I\’m looking forward to getting started on the next one in the sequence. She reads faster than I do, but, I AM going to read the whole series as long as it takes. Read the books. I think you will enjoy them. I will!


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