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Sacrificed to the Dragon audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Sacrificed to the Dragon audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Sacrificed to the Dragon audiobook free

At first I thought it was similar to other shifter dragon stories I had read. I kept reading, thinking there was sure enough time spent on our two main characters and their coming together. I kept waiting for the, as always, bad guys coming out of no where to cause drama and harm to all. It really didn’t happen. Well, once, just briefly, caused by a couple of young teen-age dragons, testing their wings so to speak! It was a nicely done story of the shifters problems, their presence in a world that still didn’t trust or want them, for the most part. Their population is dwindling and the drastic measures to solve that problem is the main focus. When I finished I had to think about it for a few minutes and realized that the problems the shifters were having was the main story itself. It was not drawn out, it was actually well told. Sure, the steamy sex stuff was there, always is in shifter stories. However, those scenes are easily skimmed over, if they truly offend, and you still will have a rather nicely told story of how the problems are overcome and brings about a HEA. After thinking about it, I decided that I really did like the story, enjoyed the tenderness and stubbornness of both the shifters and the humans. Nicely done. I would recommend this to lovers of shifter stories and even those that haven’t read about them yet!

Review #2

Sacrificed to the Dragon  series Stonefire Dragons

I saw the add for this book, clicked to read the description, accidentally clicked buy with 1 click, thanked the powers that be that it was a free book, and then on a long car ride ran out of things to read and noticed this. I was immediately drawn in, this book was so so good. There was so much back and forth with the characters, and some of the things that were said and done were agonizing to imagine, my heart was all in for what ever Melanie decided. The way she decided to use her time with the clan to help others instead of wallowing on her mistreatment was so admirable. I loved how clear the communication was between the two, there was never a chance to mistake any unsaid words because this stubborn couple always said everything that was on their mind. The smut was wonderful, the detail was pretty solid, the characters were varied and strong. I only wish we got some understanding around the unnamed verbal abuser lady and around Caitriona’s last months with the clan

Review #3

Audiobook Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan

I love this series! The reading was a bit different than I am used, and by that I mean instead of being one book it was broken up into 4 parts. You can buy each part separately or you can do what I did and buy the box set. I would suggest the box set, if you are like me after reading part one you aren’t going to be able to stop :).
I loved this book for many reasons.
The story was original. It is about dragons, their population is dying down so they need human female sacrifices to repopulate. Human and dragon relations are strained though, so humans entering into this deal are not 100% sure what to expect. The thing that makes it worth it is the healing power of dragon blood.
Melanie is earning a PHD, but has to put her life on hold because her little brother is dying. Human medicine can’t save him, her only hope is that she will be a match for the dragon sacrifice program. In return for her helping to repopulate the dragons world, they will give her a vial of dragon blood to save her little brother’s life.
Tristan hates humans. They murdered his mother and torture his sister and the last thing he wants is to be forced to spend time with them. He would be just fine not having to be involved in the whole sacrifice ordeal. The alpha dragon and his best friend tell him he has to take part. So with lots of reluctance Tristan enters into this agreement.
Fate has different plans though and Tristan nor his dragon can stay away from Melanie, his dragon knows she is their true mate.

As if that isn’t enough dragon hunters (The same one that killed his mother) are trying to kidnap members of his clan to sell the healing blood on the black market. His sister is still tormented by what the hunters did to her. And his dragon had gone into a mating frenzy!

Speaking of Tristan dragon, in the whole series some of my favorite parts were seeing the dragonmen interact with their dragon half! I love the small inner arguments they have, and their dragons make me laugh with the cavemen tendencies. Not to mention the dragon half seems to think they are always right and are very straight forward with their demands.

I don’t want to type to much more, my sister claims I always give away crucial parts of the book and ruin it for others, but I do want to say this story is so worth reading!
It is funny, original and has a whole crew of characters that are going to make you want to keep coming back for more.
I purchased this one week ago and already finished this box set, Bram’s story, Reveling the Dragon and have just purchased Healed by The Dragon!

Review #4

Audio Sacrificed to the Dragon narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

I knew there would be sex in Sacrificed to the Dragon but I was happy there was also humor, interesting plot, and a well told story as well. Melanie and Tristan are both stubborn confident people that need each other to take themselves down a notch. Great fiery match. The Dragon frenzy caught me off guard. I will say there is a sensitive portion relating to possible rape that may offend some readers so keep that in mind when selecting. I loved Tristan’s inner dragon. So childlike. Reminded me of Golum from Lord of the Rings. Me precious, let’s keep her. This book does a great job of introducing the Dragon shifter world and their plight to the audience. It gives just enough detail to get you vested in what you know are issues to come. Blends very well with the plot. It has some drama, introduced a solution then moves on to other good stuff. Great writing. Thoroughly enjoyed this quick read with sex and substance. If you enjoy reading a shifter series, this one seems like a good one.

Review #5

Free audio Sacrificed to the Dragon – in the audio player below

This is a refreshing take on shifter romance. Other books mention,in passing, that a shifter and it’s beast communicate, but this is the first book I have read where we are privy to the interaction. The interaction reminded me of Venom and Eddie Brock.
Melanie was a good and likeable character. I loved Tristan. It was nice seeing how he became more open minded to Mel as a human.
The book provided a dragon community background and traditions. I am glad the epilogue included childbirth. It answered the question of why some women don’t survive.
I would read another book in this series.

This is the second book I have read from this author, just a different series.
There were bits I did not like so I will start with them.
When Miles was in trouble that scene between Tristan and Melanie was so drawn out. I understand it was a break through moment for them just before but a teenager was in danger and they did not seem to be in any hurry to deal with it. Melanie even offered to walk back to the village so Tristan could head straight over to where he needed to be, which was a great idea, and then she wanted to watch him shift, delaying him. Could that not have waited for a less stressful time?
The constant use of Melanie’s full name whether it was in conversation or a character’s thoughts. It did not feel natural nor was it done for any other character.
What happened to Cait’s baby? Cait’s fate was mentioned but not the baby.
The dragons are given a human “sacrifice” against their will at times. Even dragons that have proven not to be trust worthy. The reason given is to increase the gene pool. But if they are not trustworthy or do not want it, to me this does not inspire trust in Bram. It sounds like a bad decision and someone (Cait) got hurt.
There was no action, which is OK as it was a romance. However, there was a moment Tristan goes to save Miles and then suddenly he’s hurt and back at camp. I would rather it had been a fleshed out chapter instead of just a quick flash back within a conversation.

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