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Satan’s Sword audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Satan’s Sword audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

Satan’s Sword audiobook free

I guess the older one gets the younger one gets. Piked up the first of the series because I liked the cover, figuring I’d put it down bored with potboiler young adult love pentacles. Instead, pentacles make up a minor part of the book, but action and development of the main character to something bigger and better made a fun read. This arc continues in this book as she and angels are no longer the deadliest of enemies. Go read it. I’m not gonna spoil it by talking about the plot.
I obviously bough further book of the series and each one has been satisfying. I’m already really upset with the auther for writing less fast than I can read, so the end is inevitable. Darn!

Review #2

Satan’s Sword audiobook in series Imp Series

Dunbar earns all five stars and more in this second offering of her Imp Series. Sam is her fantastically demonic self, making readers laugh at her hijincks, while kicking some butt in the process. I truly love these books! There is real depth to the characters and an amazing plot, with equally good sub-plots.

I find the author to be talented and ingenious in her imagination, research, and commitment to telling a riveting story that makes one laugh. All this, yet also full of talented character and plotline detail that demonstrates depth and thought. I honestly think Netflix should make this into a series. A female protagonist that kicks butt and provides laughs would do them proud, IMHO. Go for it, Debra! You deserve kudos for the ingenious and addictive series you created. Now, get the big bucks!

As Always, I Wish Happy Reads to All from the Unapologetic Book Junkie 😉!

Review #3

Audiobook Satan’s Sword by Debra Dunbar

‘Satan’s Sword’ was just as good, if not better, than the first book in the ‘Imp Series’. I absolutely love the book. The storyline was well written and the way it played out was fantastic. Full of destruction, explosive fight scenes, unique characters and a ton of humor. I laughed so hard at times. Sam is so sarcastic and full of surprises. I love how she doesn’t apologize for who and what she is and how she goes about doing things. She’s quite clever. For being a demon, I know I shouldn’t like her as much as I do, but man who doesn’t just love an ass-kicking, rule breaker with an insatiable desire to irritate the crap out of angels? Wyatt has truly come into his own. He has become quite the ass-kicker, shooting off heads and plowing over demons with a car. Gotta love him. I look forward to reading more of this series. A great add to your tbr list.

Review #4

Audio Satan’s Sword narrated by Angela Rysk

Loved this second book of the series overall, from the very first page Sam’s twisted antics start and it continues from there, and I mean this in the best way possible. My only complaint is not enough Gregory and too much Wyatt. I like Wyatt but I’ve never been convinced by his relationship with Sam (by author design) so it is a bit tedious. But I love watching Sam realize where her relationship with Gregory is obviously heading, and there was one particular scene between them that was very intense, so I can’t wait for him and Sam to finally admit what’s going on between them. Dar was fun getting to know a little more, and after this book I’m really anticipating seeing Sam going to Hel and Aaru in the future, and interacting with other demons and Angels. The elves were brought up more in this book and that has me intrigued, too. The book still maintains the irreverent and brazen fun we expect from Sam and I’m off to read the next one now.

Review #5

Free audio Satan’s Sword – in the audio player below

Titled my review twisted because some readers may have qualms about the main characters views….but she’s a demon, so think outside of the box. It is all pretty much inuendo as opposed to graphic. You may find some of the main characters sexual mores outside your comfort zone, so be forewarned. I definitely liked this book more than the first, it was difficult to engage in the opening chapters of the first book. This book took right off, the characters are more snarky and had some LOL moments, the story develops smoothly, can’t wait to see the development of Sam’s(demon Imp) powers as the Iblis(got to read the book you know)and the growing relationship with her “adversary” angel Gregory. There is twisted justice from Sam, with more human feelings than demon at times, all the character relationships are expanding, a demon needs an OCD neat freak werewolf BFF. I haven’t gotten frustrated with wishy washy female agnst, found in many PR books, with the main characters relationships with her human and angel boyfriends. I will be reading future books as I’m that interested in how the story turns out, just purchased book 3. Definitely reccommend this author.

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