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Scarpetta audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Scarpetta audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Scarpetta audiobook free

The attraction of earlier books in the Scarpetta series was tightly paced procedural action. This title spends a lot of \”time\” stumbling around in the \”minds\” of the characters to the extent that it detracts from a compelling plot line. It results in a tedious read compared to earlier titles – it is worth the slog but it is a test of patience.


Review #2

Scarpetta audiobook in series Scarpetta

Bestselling author Patricia Cornwell brings her readers another suspenseful thriller featuring one of her favorite charachters, Dr. Kay Scarpetta. As each chapter continues, this book is impossible to put down from beginning to end!………Since leaving behind her private forensic pathology practice in Charleston, along with all the painful memories that went with it, Dr. Kay Scarpetta accepts a position in New York City, but little did she know when the NYPD requests her help to examine a possible suspect in Bellvue\’s psychiatric hospital, her life was about to be drawn into one of the most biggest and deadliest mysteries of her entire career. Specifically asking for her, and only her, Kay suspiciously examined Oscar Bane who was handcuffed and chained to the bed in the infirmary and while she proceeded collecting evidence, he began to tell her a chilling tale. The injuries he sustained to himself was due to an attack by a vicious killer who violently murdered his girlfriend, and to make matters even worse, he told Kay he was being followed for weeks by an unknown stalker. Was it true? Was Oscar telling her the truth? Or was he fixated on Kay just to get her to Bellevue for his own personal gain? All she knew with a certainty that Oscar\’s girlfriend Terri Bridges was brutally tortured and murdered by a twisted psychopath. When another murder occurs proving Oscar\’s innocence, Kay is joined by her forensic psychologist husband Benton Wesley and her niece Lucy, who just opened her own investigative firm in New York, and together they start their own investigation, but just when they thought they had the killer in their midst, they are stunned by the chilling truth. As they are joined by a friendly ally, they find themselves taking a deadly journey through cyberspace, but nothing will prepare them when they discover the shocking realization of what really happened and who was really responsible, making them all realize that danger was not only lurking nearby, but it was much closer to home than they ever thought possible!……..thank you


Review #3

Audiobook Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

I enjoyed the early Kay Scarpetta books but the ones since she left Richmond have gone down hill. The plots are is mishmosh of personality clashes, far fetched bad guys and no clear cut plot. I haven\’t finished this book and I doubt if I will. This will be my last Kay Scarpetta book.


Review #4

Audio Scarpetta narrated by C. J. Critt

Cornwell is great at writing characters, however, the plot is something we\’ve read before. The killer is very obvious and ultimately disappointing in terms of whodunit. Sadly, Cornwell continues the same, hackneyed climax style as nearly every other Scarpetta series novel (i.e. Postmortem, Black Notice, Blowfly) in which at the end, Scarpetta is caught by the killer due to her sheer inattention. You would think after 15 prior entries, both author and character would be on guard for this overused trap. The title also seems quite disconnected from the titular character: Scarpetta is not at the center of this plot, so why is it named after her? If she were removed from the story, I suspect it would still unfold and conclude the same way it already does. Still, the interactions between the characters are always compelling and nuanced, which is what carries the story. In many ways, the story act as a vehicle for the characters to hash out their problems with one another, but I just wish the story itself was as compelling as the characters.


Review #5

Free audio Scarpetta – in the audio player below

The book is very interesting. It makes Kay a little more human nut I feel they are picking on her. The last book and this book concentrate on her personal like more. I feel that the writer made her more stuck up and that is not Kay Scarpetta!! She is incredibly smart but she is not stuck up. Anyway, this book was a great read!! Loved the story plot!! So far all of the Kay S carpetta books are Awesome!!!☺


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