Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3)

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Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) audiobook free

I\’ve never had a story that affected me so deeply and for so long…I\’m certain someone better with words than me will do the story justice in a review, but the beauty and sorrow of this story will leech into every corner of your soul. I knew it was coming and I still didn\’t want it to be true and all I can say, as I look through my tears, is this is by far one of the best books I\’ve read in 2018. I think this is the first time I\’ve ever cried this ugly over a story, I was in love with the vivid imagery of the author\’s words and how they transported me into the middle of these main character\’s lives. I felt what they felt. I was afraid when Natalie was afraid. I was furious when Sergio was furious. I was wary and untrusting, seeking vengeance and mired in sorrow, but left wanting…just wanting it to be different, wanting there to be more time. Yes, by far one of the most emotional stories I\’ve ever held in my hands. \”Why don\’t you sleep?\”…. \”Because time is running out.\” Be prepared, have a box of tissues handy, this is not your typical dark romance read, but fans of Natasha Knight have been waiting for Sergio\’s story and it\’s amazing. Salvatore and Dominic\’s stories suddenly became so much more meaningful and emotional after adding the events of Sergio\’s life. This entire series will long remain one of my favorites and have a permanent place on my \’to be re-read\’ list.


Review #2

Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) audiobook streamming online

MY POOR HEART!!! Why!!!!!!! I am literally crying as I am writing this review. I just had to write my feelings. I could not leave my emotions all over without writing them out till I get over this fantastic and devastating book. Natasha Knight, what have you done to me? I do not know Natalie Knight is a cruel woman or just a cruel genius. But either way, she slays all the time. Her books just make me so damn weak on my knees. Although I am so emotional after reading Sergio, Natasha Knight still makes me revere to the dark. Her dark prose just mesmerize me. Always in awe. Sergio is EFFING BRILLIANT. No doubt in my mind whatsoever. I go complete bonkers over a Natasha Knight book and Sergio made me lose my mind and my heart. The characters. The enigmatic storyline. It all radiated so much feeling and edginess. I was definitely captured. I have read a few books by Natasha Knight and she always delivers. Her mafia romance to me is freaking one of the best I have ever read because she transports me to a world of mayhem and chaos that equally keeps my heart pumping. Sergio was epic. Sergio controlled my soul. Sergio owned me. Sergio just left an imprint. Intense. Heartbreaking. Memorable. Sergio was a dark romance with a dark and menacing storyline with an emotional edge to strike every part of me. Wow. Natasha Knight took a risk and I am so happy she went with her gut. The story needed to be told no matter the outcome or how much it would hurt. It did hurt me. I was crushed. But I was shown a different side to a mafia romance. I completely grateful to that. Natasha Knight\’s writing is always so crisp and magnetic. I am just addicted to it. Natasha Knight told a beautiful dark romance with a soul wrenching ending that will touch you. In Sergio, you will meet Sergio Benedetti, a possessive and ruthless first born son soon to rule the Benedetti mafia empire. He is an antihero that will cripple your heart. Take your soul. Charm you. Entice you. Make you sweaty. And of course a little bit of sexiness. He is commanding. He is dominant. He is an ALPHA male with the right tool to give you chills and thrills. This was his story. He was crazy but I loved him. You will meet his lady love, Natalie. She was strong and I liked that. I admired her a lot. Sergio is a fantastic read. No matter how it ends, Sergio is one dark mafia romance you got to have in your life.


Review #3

Audiobook Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) by Natasha Knight

How can a book of which I knew how it would end devastate me as much as SERGIO did? I kept hoping against hope there would be something anything that would show a way out of this mess. Sergios story absolutely gutted me. I love that Natasha Knight stayed true to the story and their characters, but that doesnt mean I dont hate her for all the same reasons. Gahh! Sergio Despite being heir of the mafia family as the eldest son, he is the most level-headed and, dare I say it, most human one out of the three brothers. Dont get me wrong he isnt good by any means, known to cause bloodshed without batting an eye and whatnot. And he knows that. Its also the reason he does not take a single moment for granted. He is aware of the world he lives in and wants to live the life he has to its fullest and that includes going all in with Nathalie, a girl he saved not once but twice as she did him , a girl he is still getting to know but knows he wants forever anyway. Theirs is not the typical mafia mob romance, not by a long shot. Its sweet and tender and loving and protective much more than it is bloody and dark and gruesome. Dont get me wrong theres enough brutality in this story to have my stomach turn, just not within the relationship between those two. Sergio loves deeply, madly, purely, which makes this all even more tragic. Okay. Ill stop here to prevent me saying things I shouldnt say. Just make sure you have lots of tissues, chocolate and wine ready youll most definitely need it to console you!! Now Ill go back to thinking about this story and all the pain it put me through.


Review #4

Audio Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) narrated by Michael Pauley Tracy Marks

I had high hopes for this book; the cover is good and the blurb is powerful. Sadly, the book did not in any way reach my expectations. I like alpha males and Sergio is not that. He is conflicted beyond reason and this makes him appear weak. It is also not a romance and I am extremely angry that it is listed as a romance (so much so I would like a refund). Sergio dies leaving a single mother alone – this is most definitely not romantic in any sense of the word. There is too much telling and not enough showing throughout the book, leaving the reader bored and skipping pages looking for dialogue. Overall a very poor attempt at dark romance that was incorrectly listed.


Review #5

Free audio Sergio (Benedetti Brothers #3) – in the audio player below

WOW……JUST WOW. *Wrong place,Wrong time* Destined to be together. Natasha Knight what have you done to me,i have no words for how you made me feel after finishing this book.You took my heart and smashed it to pieces bit by bit,this book has totally floored me. This was a very powerful,gripping but gut-wrenching book of Sergio and Natalie\’s love story that will tear you apart at the seams.I haven\’t read Salvador or Dominic\’s books yet so i had no idea how this book was going pan out,well to say it blew me away is a understatment,the love story between Sergio and Natalie was intence right from the begining that kept me gripped through out. This is definitely a very dark mafia read with lots of brutality that kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next.It totally destroyed me at the end,i was gob-smacked and shell shocked with how this story turned out,this ripped me apart and i am still picking up the pieces of my heart. Sergio and Natalie never stood a chance with the mafia life that dictates there every waking moment,but the chemistry between these two was hot and given a chance this could of been the perfect love story.Sergio gave Natalie the chance to walk away but she was hooked and that was never even a choice in the end.This was a dark and brutal mafia romance with Sertgio the monster and Natalie the angel with tragic conceqences. This was a powerful standalone,and i am so glad that i hadn\’t read the first two books yet so i never saw what was coming,this had me gripped through out unaware what was going to happen.Can\’t wait now to read Salvador and Dominic\’s books,this was such a memeorable book that will stay with me which i won\’t forget in a hurry. *Wrong place,Wrong time* Five Huge Stars for this Dark Mafia Romance.


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