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Sex and Lies audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Sex and Lies audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Sex and Lies audiobook free

An eye opener to the forbidden sex and desires in the Middle East. This book is most likely is forbidden in most countries in the Middle East. I applaud the courage of Leila Slimani. We need more writers with courage and intelligence to enlighten the masses in the Middle East and throughout the world.


Review #2

Sex and Lies audiobook streamming online

Terrible book. The title doesnt accurately portray what the book is about.


Review #3

Audiobook Sex and Lies by Leïla Slimani Sophie Lewis

This is a collection of very compelling stories by women in Morocco.


Review #4

Audio Sex and Lies narrated by Sarah Agha

So on the one hand it made me very sad; Morocco seems a lot like Pakistan, where what a woman does with her body is a political decision, regardless of what that decision is.

This book is interesting, but a bit cruel at times. I feel like regardless of what you believe in or want to say, when the subject is a woman who generally doesnt speak much about her stories you need to be a bit kinder. Im referring to sentences like
She must have been an attractive women in her forties,.. but rather unkempt.
(Which is not the exact sentence but you should get my point.)

Some part of me also didnt love it because of how it was translated. Enlightenment values make me annoyed because of how Eurocentric that makes everything. Leila Slimani talking about how decreasing access to Europe frustrates young people is also weird. Also she just threw that in there and didnt really unpack it.

I loved that she spoke about sensuality in Muslim societies; I feel like its a forbidden topic in so many ways, and reminded the reader that this puritanical and hypocritical approach towards sex is also the result of colonialism. That clinging to the patriarchy as a sign of culture also dreams from a fear of the power of the world. I loved that she pointed out that so many Muslim societies arent just against sex, but also just love, gentleness, sensuality; sometimes just making art, and music and just normal human relationships forbidden.


Review #5

Free audio Sex and Lies – in the audio player below

A novella paperback that will tug at your heartstrings. Composed of interviews of several women who have been subjected to Morocco’s strict morality laws. Despite the fact that sexual matters carry on, it is only criminal if it is observed in public. Hotels require marriage certificates, women get artificial hymens that bleed upon penetration, and sexual liberation and adultery are punished. Honor and purity is at stake for women who are not married. Prison terms are what awaits women as well as homosexuals.Despite the fact that the picture of the Islamic country paints itself as conservative, sexual affairs abound in private causing fear and dread. This is far from an erudite study, as it is very conversational in tone but is interesting to explore the hypocrisy of the country.


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