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Shot in the Dark audiobook – Audience Reviews

Review #1

Shot in the Dark full audiobook free

This is one of my 3 favorite mystery series!
I look forward to each book! Too bad a new book only comes out
about once a year! This book was really good!

Review #2

Shot in the Dark audiobook in series The Coffeehouse Mysteries “

A great cast of characters, wonderful NYC info & history, plus a tight, well thought out plot – what else could a mystery reader ask for ??? Oh, I know, the next installment! Thanks for hitting it out of the park again Alice & Marc.

Review #3

Shot in the Dark audiobook by : Cleo Coyle

This book is an excellent addition to one fabulous series. I love all the characters in this series-I have read all the books. The writing is excellent, and the characters have all grown so much since the beginning (except may Matteo–he still has issues to work out). I particularly enjoy the fact that these characters all vary in age, social backgrounds, lifestyles, etc., but they all come together both in work and in friendship. And Mike Quinn??? I would really like to meet him. Clare is so lucky to have someone like him in her life. It seems that from the beginning of the first book he cared about her as a friend and of course those feelings grew as time went on. They have been through a lot both together and separately and I know I’m not the only reader who is looking forward to them finally getting married and starting their lives together.
In this particular book, I thought the storyline about computer dating was interesting and timely. It showed things aren’t always what (or who) they seem to be. The story was interesting and well written-I have to say I read it from cover to cover in one sitting.
I think anyone who likes a good story and a good mystery would enjoy this book–would enjoy every book in this series. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Review #4

Shot in the Dark audio narrated by Rebecca Gibel

I really enjoy this mystery series. The characters are great, the plots are plausible, the coffee shop atmosphere is perfect for a “cozy” mystery, and I don’t even drink coffee! It is good to read them in order because there is an ongoing life story for each of the characters. I don’t miss a single one and I look forward to the next one coming out. These are intelligent mysteries but light even to enjoy with ease.

Review #5

free audio Shot in the Dark – in the audio player below

Once again Claire and the B!end are knee deep in mystery and murder. This time it is related to a dating app. that could destroy the Blend. ClicKable has done it again with this book. She has brought to the forefront the dangers of internet dating and how innocents can get caught up in a dangerous game. She has added some mystery murder and mayhem to create an excellent read.

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