Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2)

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Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) audiobook free

(TLDR at the end of the review)
so i purchased both the books without looking at what else the author had written. Going back and looking, it shouldnt surprise anyone that this is basically long-form erotica of a specific nature. That said it was decently well written, if you are into that genre.
My personal issue stems from the fact that the author actually built a world with huge potential, but sort of wasted it. The author built a vivid and interesting world but they ignored alot of it and forced the plot to conform to some specific scenes, instead of letting it flow more naturally from the character and world development. The second book did a better job of plot development that the first one, with many of the erotic interactions feeling more or less ‘natural’ based on character personality, but many scenes also felt very forced. If the author put a bit more effort into character and plot thread development, this could turn into something fantastic. The scenes could be left in, just need them spaced out a little more with additional plot and character development in between.
Also, it was a bit confusing why everything was as ‘taboo’ as the character mindset seemed to indicate, as none of them are actually related (to me, based on the non-erotic character interactions, it felt more like they were childhood friends and au pair instead of foster/adopted siblings and mother). It felt like the author artificially increased the shame/emotional distress part of the relationships instead of using the plot to allow the reader to come to that conclusion on their own.
I wanted to give 3.5 stars.
TLDR: Decent writing. Good setting. Needs more plot and character development if the author wants to write fantasy with an erotic twist(which i hope they try for), instead of erotica with some fantasy elements like it is currently. Some of the shame type elements of the relationships felt artificial (again, needs more plot/character development).


Review #2

Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) audiobook streamming online

Truly this was an excellent addition to the series. The author does an excellent job of dangling the taboo nature of the adult scenes within to make the reader want to read just a little bit more until nothing was left. However, through that just a little more attitude the author presents the reader with further adventures of the MC and his having to cope with the happenings of the previous novel. It also presents the changes of the MC life and how that affects the rest of the characters. The myths and legends that are given to the reader are also excellently done. There are several sections of this novel that provide the reader an almost Indiana Jones or Lara Croft feel to them, though thats about all that can be said without giving major spoilers to the book. One of the major strengths that the author has in her writings is how well woven together the adult aspects and the more “normal” aspects together to a point that, in this series at least, the reader loses track of the taboo aspect of many scenes until they are retold to them. That sensation of being caught up in the moment, a sort of doing without thinking, really provides readers reasons for more. In particular I personally enjoy the little elements that are scattered throughout the book that will eventually lead to a larger part. The different aspects of love that the reader comes across is one aspect of this, but the MC spanking his sword is probably one of the all time best seed elements ever. Truly this book and series are much more than they seem and I cannot wait for the next to be published!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Review #3

Audiobook Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) by Anya Merchan

Fantasy harem adult situations

There is no blood between the four, but there is taboo because they lived together as a family. The discovery of an ancient set of shrines tests them. In some ways, the story has all the hallmarks of a lurid soap opera. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just the result of people keeping secrets even when they shouldn’t.

Damon is eager to explore the sexual side of his relationships without thinking much less planning for his future or how relationships will need to change. Damon at this point reacts but he doesn’t act. There is the mystery of who the blonde lover in the last book was? While circumstances heavily implicate Vel, but she denies it; the masked woman had a blonde carpet, yet Vel in this book is clean-shaven and under age twenty, this world’s majority. If she is Damon’s masked lover, she’s bedded her foster brother twice while over 18 and under the legal majority where she resides. For that matter, Damon is all too ready to bed all three women and any others who happen in his way. Ria loves him partly because he has no cultural expectations of her; instead, he allows her to be herself. If Vel IS the masked woman, the two foster sisters need to figure it out because Damon pretty much thinks with his little head, so as usual, the women need to set the rules about sharing. And if Malon doesn’t want to cross that line, she needs a friend with benefits; as it is now, she keeps playing with fire and Damon keeps offering to let her.

My questions are about money. What did Damon do with the rest of his prize money? He saved over half but didn’t repay Malon for fronting an interest payment on his late father’s gambling debts with Shank. Now they have a fortune in gold crowns, yet that issue still remains unaddressed. And when they carried Vel out of the shrines, the Rememai left in a hurry and no mention was made of their offer of were-gild to buy Ria’s freedom; what happened to the treasure they found? Is Malon secretly Shannon Doherty? Still too many secrets between all of them. Hmm.


Review #4

Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) audio online

I purchased this book after getting a recommendation from Amazon and reading the first book. I found it hard to put down. The flirtatious banter between the MC and the women in his life really kept me interested in guessing where the story would progress. Without giving much away, I really enjoyed the challenges the characters faced when underground. I’m now a big fan of Anya’s and I’m off to purchase the 3rd book.


Review #5

Free audio Sin and Soil 2 (Sin and Soil, #2) – in the audio player below

A brilliant conclusion to the story of the first volume. Still leaving a few inconclusive segments which could lead to another storyline


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