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Stone Cold audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for Stone Cold audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

Stone Cold full audiobook free


While I enjoy the story, there is little truth in the story’s concerning Wyoming. First Joe has to qualify with his weapon at least twice a year. Second he would have the department issued shotgun, not a wing master. The G&F has a very high budget. The G&F officers have law enforcement training at the academy in Douglas and have to be trained as LE officers also. Next we have the idea that Wyoming is full of inbred idiots. Then you have this high crime rate (which is not true) The sheriff in the wheel chair is based on an actual sheriff which was elected in one county, he was not well liked. The people of Wyoming have an independent streak and dislike government agency’s for good reason. The portrayal of the Indians is quite opposite of the true reservation. ( I grew up and lived on rez for most of my life. As for Nate he is so fictional that he is unbelievable in any way. The 3 percent and other groups that think the government is corrupt are very popular in Wyoming., yet 99 percent of them are law abiding and assist LE when they are needed. Each county has a search and rescue group which are usually volunteers. I will continue to read the story’s because they are well written and I like some of the characters. But if you think this represents Wyoming as a whole you are very mistaken.


Review #2

Stone Cold audiobook in series Joe Pickett


As usual this Joe Pickett series that I enjoy was a quick read. There was lots of action and the book flowed good, as Joe always manages to get himself in a pickle especially when Governor Rulon calls in a favor. I would have under normal circumstances given this book a 5 as it was a page turner and explosive. Yes there is a BUT, and that was the reason for a 4 star review. I am beginning to see a pattern in a lot of C.J. Box’s books, and I hate to be critical, and here i comes the BUT, his books seem to be following a pattern and similarity. Governor calls in a favor or local government is corrupt, then Joe gets in trouble sorting it out, then his friend Nate Romanowski comes in to bail him out. Usually too on the side there is a problem in his family with one of the girls, or bad guy is connected to the family. And in this one the mother-in-law shows up to throw in a twist as has happened in the past. If you have read this series in order I am sure you have seen the pattern too. It is starting to get somewhat predictable, still have to admit I enjoy the series and books because of the familar characers, still it would be nice to change the pattern and veer off the beat and path just a little.


Review #3

Stone Cold audiobook by C. J. Box


I’m a big CJ Box fan and am reading the Joe Pickett series in order. I think I’ve given them all five stars, but this one stood out for even this fan.

The action and pacing are quick, believable and the book is tightly written. I flew threw the couple-of hundred pages and went “wow” at the end in acknowledgement of the great writing Box puts on display.

The action here is in eastern Wyoming and some of the best characters are part of the tale. Nate Romanowski has a very interesting role and Governor Rulon (love his character) sets the wheels in motion by once again giving his most trusted (but kept at arm’s length until needed) game warden a special assignment. As usual, Joe and Marybeth’s trio of daughters are growing and as young women/older teens are constantly on Joe Pickett’s mind as he tries to deal with another harrowing and violent situation.

Great and believable escapist reading and continue to love the author’s ability to evoke natural Wyoming as a key component of his stories.


Review #4

Stone Cold audio narrated by David Chandler


Nate’s gone over the fence again, Joe’s on a mission for the governor and the girls are giving Joe and Marybeth’s hair go prematurely gray….again. The action starts from the beginning….again. Even worse, Joe’s mother-in-law shows up once again. That women just can’t keep from getting into Joe’s business. Fast action, vast scenery and a lot of miles. Oh, and he wrecks another vehicle…. Maybe more than his. A great read that’s hard to put down and hard to believe a game warden can get into this much trouble. He even checks a couple of fishing creels and licenses. The game wardens I have known never ever have this kind of day.


Review #5

free audio Stone Cold – in the audio player below


A humdinger of Wyoming’s Game Warden Joe Pickett tale here with his reluctant side kick Nate in more of an important role and character….finally! I really like the Falconer and am glad Mr. Box decided to feature him more as he did in an earlier Joe Pickett misadventure. One of my favorite stories thus far and I’ve enjoy reading each one. The next one should be as good as Joe has to chase after an errant daughter. A great read…enjoy it and it is a stand alone tale so no worries reading past Pickett’s books to catch up, but you’ll miss some fine tales. Thanks CJ! Dudley Do-Right wins again…yup!


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