Suit (44 Chapters #4)

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Suit (44 Chapters #4) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Suit (44 Chapters #4) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!



Review #1

Suit (44 Chapters #4) audiobook free

5 Cranky Stars

Mothereffing Ken!! I feel like Ive waited a very long time for this moment. I noticed so many similarities between my husband and Ken. Its like looking into my life except I never went full punk or dated any one remotely close to Ronald McKnight but boy did I have some winners.

BB is still fresh off the breakup with Hans and just existing. Searching for the next step in her life something to fill the void because thats who Brooke is. She doesnt think her friendship with Ken will become anything more because lets be honest he wears a tie to every event and doesnt even drink meanwhile BB is all anarchy and booze. When the relationship progresses, she struggles with how to deal with someone like Ken when its nothing shes every dealt with before. Ken lets her lead and he asks for her opinions on things makes her feel like she matters. Things werent all sunshine and roses for BB and Ken though she is still struggling to shake Knight and not jump at every motorcycle sound.

Kenneth Easton is a coupon clipping, budgeting, credit card with perfect interest, stock investing ninja. He might not express his emotions in the conventional way, but he shows in actions and to me thats important.

I have been waiting for this moment since 44 Chapters. I noticed how much Ken and my version of Ken are a lot alike. We get to see a side of BB that we only knew the surface of and her story towards the end broke my heart. I was glad she figured herself out for the most part even though we are all continuous works in progress. BB and Ken are the classic case of opposites attract and it works for them. This book made me laugh out loud and then cry then laugh again. I adore BB Easton and her candid honesty even if so much of the book is made up its still real. I wish BB, Ken, Mini Ken and Baby BB all the happiness in the world. I wonder what will be next?


Review #2

Suit (44 Chapters #4) audiobook streamming online

SUIT is BB Eastons happily ever after with her husband, the “infuriatingly emotionless living Ken doll.” Read the amazing blurb if you want the best summary. Heres my thoughts:

For a man of few words, Ken has done some of the most romantic things I have ever known a man to do. He wasnt supposed to be my favorite of the 4 men in BBs life, but he is, and I loved every single one of those bad boys. When youve read hundreds of books about the other guys and you realize what you needed all along was a Ken yeah, thats the affect SUIT had on me. He was everything. The path to BB finding herself and finding her prince was everything. Her books are my therapy!

Its been a soul-crushing, heart-cradling journey, but I’ve reached the end (and with straight 5 star ratings, that never happens, I’m such a tough critic). I bawled at the end of SUIT because I didnt want to leave BBs world. She gives us several epilogues, but I needed 44 more! *cries* I’m sighing so dramatically right now with my big heart eyes. Im in love with their love!!

Praise to BB Easton and how brave she is, how honest! It takes guts, confidence, a strong foundation, and support to leak your past mistakes, private moments, love life, and personal growth to the world. Your first loves are supposed to be tucked in that special place in your heart and your true love tucked by your side, but BB put them in ink on bookshelves, everywhere. How bad@ss is that?


Review #3

Audiobook Suit (44 Chapters #4) by BB Easton

This journey started so long ago with 44 Chapters about 4 men. I loved that book and I had very strong feelings about all the men in this story. Obviously, we all knew how the story ended but it was so insightful to see how she ended up where she did. I was good when the book ended. she got what she wanted, and she was happy. Then she decided to give us more of each story individually, happy days!!! Honestly, I had such different emotions with each book. Skin, I balled like a baby. Speed, I was just mad. Star, OMG this book had me talking in my head saying go away Pajama boy. GO AWAY. By the end of star, pajama boy had won me over and I was anxiously awaiting Suit. I dont think I have ever talked to myself as much as I did with this book. Ooohhh Ken. Oh Ken! What the Ken. Kick him BB. Kick him in the FACE BB!! Awww Ken. Whatever Ken!!! In the end he completely won me over. He may not be everyones cup of tea, but hes hers!!! And with the slew of bad relationships she put us through thats all the matters in the end. Speaking of end, I completely thought at the end of this book there was going to be this grand gesture of love and emotion, maybe even some tears and pride for what had just occurred. What I got was typical Ken and it worked.


Review #4

Audio Suit (44 Chapters #4) narrated by Ramona Master

When I first began 44 CHAPTERS ABOUT 4 MEN, I had no idea what the book was about or how much I was going to love not just it, but the 4 prequels in the series, SKIN, SPEED, STAR & SUIT….I was told how good the series was, saw Netflix was making a series out of it, and I had met the author at a signing event, so, I 1- clicked 44 Chapters and all 4 of the prequels…and I cant say how much I loved this series…Told as a memoir, this author didnt miss a beat….The good, the bad and the ugly…..
I, actually, loved all 4 guys, but Ken has always been my favorite character in the books, and, boring??? Not hardly…Being responsible and mature, and putting others before himself was sexy and showed he truly loved BB more than the others ever could…..not in a possessive, obsessive way, but in a real true love way…..and as she grew up right before our eyes..she saw him for what he is, too….her soulmate….
Thank you, BB Easton for sharing your story with us…You are just a straight up bada$$!!!! I really dont care which parts were true and which parts were made up…but it made a h#ll of a series….and its already on my Favorite Series List……..Its funny, Its sad, Its hot, Its everything…..


Review #5

Free audio Suit (44 Chapters #4) – in the audio player below

Brilliant and funny book sad its the last one in the series, bb thank you for your story and your sense of humour i laughed at every page xx


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