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Taboo Unchained audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Taboo Unchained audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Taboo Unchained audiobook free

This isn’t a love story, not really. This is about choosing to let go of pain so that healing might be possible. Sometimes it’s easier to embrace the dark.

Lucas Carter is messed up. He knows he’s messed up, but he thinks he has it all under control until he meets Audra Holliday. Her insertion into his life signals the start of his carefully-crafted facade crumbling into dust. Well, Audra’s appearance and sweet, innocent, barely-legal Roberta Carrell’s insistence on liking him, even when he does everything to deter her. Lucas doesn’t want his darkness to smother Robbie’s light; he deserves someone as dark as he is, someone like Audra. These two women turn his life upside down, riling up his beast in such a way that even his darkest clients’ desires can’t satisfy his demons. It’s time to deal with his own, but what is the best way to do that? Feed the beast? Should he revel in the darkness or believe that someone else’s light will be strong enough to drive his demons away? Can Lucas Carter, God of Deep Desires and purveyor of darkness, be 18-year-old “Luke” again after a decade of carrying the pain over the death of his first love… or is he incapable of being human anymore?

C.M. Stunich almost never disappoints (the Never series is one of very few DNFs for me) and this book should be rated higher, but people who’ve never gone beyond “tasting the darkness” won’t understand the battle within that takes place in this book. Pain can be just as comforting in its familiarity as anything else.


Review #2

Taboo Unchained audiobook streamming online

Written in the man’s perception, this book is definitely different, I liked it! Poor Lucas (I think); is stuck in life. Playing with his demons instead of moving forward and finding a woman that he can be happy with after he looses the love of his life at 18. He demons play with other demons where he’s in control thinking that’s what his life should be, can only be. Unbeknownst to him there are 2 women that seem to fit the bill for a better, different: one that feeds his demons and one that might just concur them (To a point). He’s so mixed up and it’s making his very, very controlled life and world go into a major tailspin. What the hell is he going to do about it? Read and enjoy this wickedly wonderful book.


Review #3

Audiobook Taboo Unchained by C.M. Stunich

***WARNING: This is a dark romance erotica meaning lots of violence, sex, and emotionally disturbing inner dialogue. The main character does not, however, kidnap or force himself on women. The entire book is told in his point of view. This story does contain murder, tough choices, and strange sex.

You see when I read that little blurb, I was not in the least bit afraid. I like a good dark read. I like messed up characters. I like it crazy. BUT HOLY COW…LUCAS CARTER…YOU CONFOUND ME!

I freely admit that I was lost often in this book. Perhaps it was the craziness of the tale itself or it was that I was really trying to hard to “get it.” Lucas Carter is not your typical bad boy…he is a GOD, well that is at least what he says. He deals in the dark and the taboo. He has clients that pay him for the dirty…but hey he is not a whore!

Well, then there is Audra Holliday…a potential client? OR maybe an equally dark and crazy God. What was supposed to be “meeting” turns into a crazy adventure of death, torture, and somewhat of a “relationship.” She is the “woman of his nightmares.”

But hey that isn’t all the cray-cray! You see then there is the 18 yr old neighbor, Sweet Robbie Carrell…and see she “likes Luke.” Plain and simple, she likes him and sees something in him…other than the possible dead body, the sexy redhead and her comings and goings. Yep, Robbie “likes Luke.” She is the “girl of his dreams.”

This doozie of a story is a triangle that is NOT a triangle. It is more of Mind warp of a tale between light and dark. A path of crazy that leads to possible redemption. I cannot say I liked the story, hell, I know I did not like Lucas at all. I know he was a mess…but deal lord man your BEAST is in your pants, contain it!

Would I recommend it…probably! The lovers of the dark and dirty will really enjoy. I know I fell in hard like the last 10% of the book.


Review #4

Audio Taboo Unchained narrated by Jason Clarke

The subject matter may not appeal to all, but its very appealing to me. Some people dont have as much appetite for dirty and dark as they think they do which may account for this not being rated higher. Make no mistake theres a great plot here and a happy ending (I usually role my eyes at happy endings) that feels authentic to the characters. This is my 4th CM Stunich book and Im finding that i really enjoy her writing style and the voice she gives female characters.


Review #5

Free audio Taboo Unchained – in the audio player below

First let me say I LOVE C.M. STUNICH! This review is hard for me to write because I really have read and loved all of her other work. I don’t mind dark stories….i was looking forward to reading this story. In the beginning I felt like okay…he is into some things that are taboo….I can deal with this. Then a love triangle began…..hmmm…..I really felt he had more of a connection with one than the other and then just when I thought he was going for the one I was rooting for…bam…nope. Didn’t feel there was a connection with the “girl” he chose. Why did I give it 3 stars…not because he didn’t pick my chose…but because I need to feel when I read. I also need to imagine…I had difficulty doing these things. Will I continue to read C.M. Stunich’s work……ABSOLUTELY!


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