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Review #1

Temper audiobook free

Im two books in and really enjoying the saga. Well worth the time if you need a fast paced book to sweep you up and take you away for a little while.

Review #2

Temper audiobook Series Red Mage

After what feels like forever but was really a little over a year we get the much awaited sequel to Advent and it doesn’t disappoint. This book focuses mostly on expansion and almost back to back action scenes and has a much quicker pacing than the first book without the survival build up, even the dungeon diving while described as being a slow processes from the readers perspective is done very quickly. It’s written in a way that after the first few monsters of a type the characters clearly know how to handle them so we aren’t bogged down with rinse and repeat and instead get to move past that with the exceptions of boss monsters. Even puzzles are represented more by “It was this type of puzzle so it was solved like this” rather than the actual drawn out process. There were more pop culture references in this one than the first one and more humor as well though the humor is going to be very hit or miss. If you enjoyed the first one you will most likely enjoy the second one, I certainly did, finishing it in one day. Highly recommend this series.

Review #3

Audiobook Temper by Xander Boyce

I really liked this book too.
Have yet fallen into the trope of everything that you have gotten before is mostly useless.
And I doubt will, as they still can use guns after all, and nothing has hinted that they can use them in the future, with some upgrades ofc.
Still going strong, and the threats seems to be shifting a bit instead.

Review #4

Audio Temper narrated by Luke Daniels

Overpowered? Yes. But Drew retains his humanity without getting lost in the endless *who am i/what have I become* loop that some others fall into. He’s got a good team that helps keep him grounded.
Good adversaries, good battles. Well written and well edited.

Review #5

Free audio Temper – in the audio player below

I have to say that the historical fanatic passages at the beginning of these books drain a lot of enjoyment out of them for me. The story is pretty interesting, and it’s nice to see Drew’s team solidifying and taking some of the pressure off of him. So far I like the new guard, but I still have reservations on any characters with outside knowledge and impact. For whatever reason, context clues show that this dimensional version of Drew and Earth are being targeted possibly more heavily than others. Interesting read, but I’m not sure if I’ll read more yet.

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