The 8th Confession

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The 8th Confession

Review #1

The 8th Confession audiobook free

The 8th Confession, by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro has hit gold once again. Sgt. Lindsay Boxer and her partner, Rich Conklin are once again faced with affluent San Franciscans who are murdered! But how? Dr. Claire, of the coroners office, San Francisco, cannot find any causes of death. Down the street there is a murder of a man named, Bagman Jesus. He was found on the street with his face totally caved in with six 22 caliber rounds fired into his head! Bagman Jesus is homeless and therefore is not high on the list in homicide division case load. But, Cindy Thomas, SF Chronicle, has other ideas. She is trying to get homicide interested in solving his murder. Cindy takes it upon herself to try and find the killer or killers. She goes to Rich Conklin for help. He agrees to help her but only when he has the time. Right now he and Boxer are deep into these murders of the rich and famous. Yuki Castellano, is in trial and nearing its end. The jury goes out to deliberate when it is learned that one juror is a problem. Yuki thinking is that perhaps this juror will cause a mistrial. Will the trial start all over again? It is a weak case as it is. The judge places the jurors in a hotel where they can continue without any interference. Yuki while walking across the street does not notice a car and she walks into it cause her head injuries. She awakens in the hospital with Dr. John Chesney looking after her. This is the beginning of a love affair? Dr. Chesney is a strikingly good looking doctor not much older than Yuki. While all of this is going on, Joe, Boxer’s lover, is on assignment in the mid east and will be gone perhaps a month or more. Boxer and Conklin have this feeling between them and Boxer does not want it to go too far, although at times she nearly gives in to him. However, during the into Bagman’s death, Conklin and Cindy, brews a new love. It is by shear chance that Boxer and Conklin discover just how the murders where committed. Cat Girl? Who is she? Conklin, how did he also end up in the hospital near death? There are so many questions while reading this thriller, you’ll want to continue till you have all of the answers. DP. Castro Valley, CA.

Review #2

The 8th Confession audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

Patterson and Paetro make a good writing team. Once you start reading this book you can not put it down. All the books in this collaboration are this way.

Review #3

Audiobook The 8th Confession by James Patterson

I had a difficult time enjoying this book fully because I am deathly afraid of snakes and snakes play a big part in this book. Otherwise, it was a good book, not Patterson’s best but good enough.

Review #4

Audio The 8th Confession narrated by Carolyn McCormick

I just bought the book, and I couldn’t stop reading it. All the plot twists are great. I knew where the stories were going and then, bam, everything goes in a new direction. That’s why I can’t stop reading; which way will it all go next?

Review #5

Free audio The 8th Confession – in the audio player below

forward to this latest installment of the Women’s Murder Mystery Club. However, I was extemely disappointed with this book. My wife and I listened to the unabridged audio version together as we traveled by car. We both thought this resembled very cheap, romance novel pulp rather than a true mystery novel. I wondered if James Patterson had much to do with the actual writing of the story. If so, then it was the worst Patterson novel I have read.

As others have commented, James Patterson is always entertaining. That is generally true–but no longer “always.” At many points in this novel the writing was so poorly crafted that my wife and I found ourselves groaning in unison. The ending was sappy, especially so in the audio version with violins playing in the background as our heroine is entralled by her “hunk of blue-eyed man.” Gag!

There were sure a lot of blondes (both genders) in this novel. That this would be noteworthy in reviewing a novel tells you something about the story-telling. We also learned that our main character has hair like that of Sherl Crow and is burdened by a 36C bust that makes it difficult for some men to take her seriously. I wondered if James Patterson and Maxine Paetro were taking her seriously.

The frequent sex is gratuitous and juvenile. Was this written for adults? The female characters, with the exception of Claire, have devolved into emotional, love-conflicted misfits whose emotions overrule their ability to reason and make sound decisions time after time. This misbegotten novel is not a credit to women or to mystery.

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