The 9th Judgment

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The 9th Judgment

Review #1

The 9th Judgment audiobook free

Another excellent WMC book! Pretty easy to put together the plot. Enjoyed how it all came together. A cliff hanger on this one.

Review #2

The 9th Judgment audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

I love reading his books. Especially the Women’s Murder Club. I find them interesting and connected to everyday situations. What more could you asked for.

Review #3

Audiobook The 9th Judgment by James Patterson

Lots of ups and downs and surprises. Some surprises were bigger than others. All in all Worth the read. Glad I’m reading the series.

This is the 9th in the Women’s Murder Club series and follows three cases, all which fall onto Detective Lindsay Boxer’s desk. A string of cat-burglaries – all resulting in high value jewellery being stolen by the burglar nicknamed by the press, or more specifically Cindy – Lindsay’s Crime Desk journalist friend, “Hello Kitty”, a high profile, celebrity murder at the home of one of the burglaries and a spate of seemingly senseless murders of mothers and babies. What links all these crimes? If you have read the other books in the series, you know they must be linked!!

This book is as captivating as the others and seemlessly links the police work of Lindsay and her fellow Women’s Murder Club members and Lindsays chaotic and slightly unauthodox love life with ex Homeland Security deputy director fiancee, Joe.

Review #4

Audio The 9th Judgment narrated by Carolyn McCormick

WOW! From a very deranged ex-military officer turned serial killer, to a lesbian school teacher by day/ jewel thief by night, to our heroine homicide police Sargent, Lindsey Boxer….. all grouped into a suspenseful meandering story. Boxer continues to be a well likable character; however, she does not seem to be quite as much in control as she has been in some previous escapades in this series. The plot had lots of action but was a bit predictable. The Women’s Murder Club seems to be losing steam and Cindy and Yuki, seem to be primarily included just to fill a bit of space. The very likable Claire, the Medical Examiner, exhibits her dynamic personality in a timely fashion. Even tho’ this is the 9th book in this series, I think it can easily be a stand alone read. There were pages in which I wished there was more get on with it and make something happen instead of being bogged down in bedroom scenes that added nothing to the plot. While I fully understand this is a work of fiction, I found much of it a bit nonsensical. Not bad, but certainly not the best suspense thriller that I have ever read; however, a bit better than some previous books by Mr. Patterson and associate.

Review #5

Free audio The 9th Judgment – in the audio player below

* spoiler alert ** Ok,i love The Women’s Murder Club series but this book does not deserve to be part of this series.All through the other books Lindsey Boxer has been a strong,no nonsense detective and yet in this book she is made to drive and walk about San Francisco topless,how many detectives would do that just to deliver some money to a mindless killer.You knew who the killer of the mothers and children was from the beginning so it was just a case of how he was going to get caught and then when he was finally stopped,the only reason given for his crimes was he did it because he could and that was it.
In the other case you already knew that the husband had killed his wife so there was no mystery to that case neither.
Then only reason i gave this book two stars is because of the way the killer of the mothers and children was finally caught or not as the case may be, apart from that this book is not worthy to be part of what has been a great series so far.Thank goodness that books 10,11 and 12 are very good and have restored my faith in this series.

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