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The Alexandria Affair audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Alexandria Affair audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Alexandria Affair audiobook free

According to the author’s notes at the end of this, Book 11 of the Captain Lacey Regency Mystery Series, she has had this book’s basic idea in mind since early days of the series. And now seemed like a good time in Lacey’s life to have him hie off to Egypt with good friend Lucius Grenville. But however much Lacey has always wanted to accompany Grenville on his travels to Egypt, it’s just *not* at this particular moment in his life. His wife Donata will be giving birth to their first child in a few months and he feels the need to hover. But Donata does not feel like being hovered over and arranges for his “abduction”.

So off they go: Grenville, his two footmen Bartholomew and Mattias, Lacey, and Thomas Brewster, strongman of London crime lord James Denis (and whom Denis has been having serve as “bodyguard” to Lacey for some time now). This is not just a sightseeing tour of foreign parts. Enigmatic Denis also has tasked Lacey with the finding of a valuable manuscript which had once resided in the library of Alexandria. Naturally, Lacey being Lacey, finding this and doing sightseeing won’t be all he’ll spend his time on.

Since most familiar recurring characters have stayed behind in England for this book, there’ll be new secondaries to meet up with, many eccentric expats from various European countries, and native Turks and Egyptians. Of course there will be a murder to investigate and, if you read Book 10, you’ll remember the mysterious man back in England who was threatening Lacey and his family and actually even shot Brewster in one attempt on Lacy’s life. Wonder of wonders, he shows up here in Egypt.

So Lacey and Company find danger and mysteries on the streets of Alexandria and Cairo, in the desert, in temples, tombs and tunnels of ancient times, and, of course, they manage to come out relatively unscathed and with a few mysteries solved. Then it’s back home before Donata is to deliver their new baby (who Lacey is convinced will be a girl. We shall see.).

This was a fun change of pace. I enjoyed the exotic setting, the comradery of Lacey and Grenville and the growing friendship and respect between Lacey and Brewster, and am looking forward to Book 12, A MYSTERY AT CARLETON HOUSE, which will obviously take place back in London.

(One more thing must be said: I would like to express my appreciation to Ashley for this historical mystery series. It continues to be of excellent quality and, in addition, the bargain-hunter in me loves the very reasonable price of the books. Thanks, Ashley Gardiner/Jennifer Ashley.)

Review #2

The Alexandria Affair audiobook Series Captain Lacey

“In late August, 1818, my wife had me abducted, trussed up, and taken down the Thames to be put on a tall ship bound for Egypt.”

FINAL DECISION: These books just keep getting more amazing. This book is a blend of a buddy travel book, an adventure story, a mystery and a look into Regency antiquities. I love Lacey more and more in each book and I can’t wait for the next one!

THE STORY: Captain Lacey’s wife is determined that Gabriel is going to Egypt with his friend Lucius Grenville. Gabriel has been wavering because of his wife’s pregnancy. Trussed up and sent away, Gabriel and Lucius quickly turn to the adventure of exploring the exotic locale. Unfortunately, Gabriel gets mixed up in a murder and treasure hunting prompted by his crime boss contact Dennis. There is much danger and the return of Gabriel’s “twin” who has been trying to murder him and those he cares about.

OPINION: One thing I have always loved about the Captain Lacey Mysteries is the intriguing mix of mystery and romance. Well, in this book the romance element is lessened — although Lacey never forgets about his beloved wife — but there is a new adventure element to take its place. The emphasis of this book is the mystery so readers should not be fooled. Here, I was much more intrigued by the adventure story than the mystery. I became fascinated by the descriptions of Regency Egypt and the expeditions going on there. There is some progress on some ongoing stories including Lacey’s mystery stalker.

This has become one of my favorite series because it has so many good characters with twisty stories that I want to follow. I can’t wait until the next book because I knocked off 1/2 star merely because I love the interaction with Lacey and his wife and I missed that here.

WORTH MENTIONING: This book has a lot of cool information about Regency Egypt and the discovery of antiquities. It feels like an adventure book as well as a mystery.

CONNECTED BOOKS: THE ALEXANDRIA AFFAIR is the eleventh book in the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series. The mystery in this book is self contained but there are some overarching storylines and relationships. I think a new reader could read this book without missing much.

Review #3

Audiobook The Alexandria Affair by Ashley Gardner

I love this series of books and look forward to the next book as soon as I have finished the last. This book is no exception, it is an adventure story with murder, mayhem and archeology thrown in for good measure. As soon as it was delivered to my I Pad, I began to read and just read and read.

Lacey, Grenville his friend, their servants and various other characters are well known to us. This book tells us more about each character and their complex relationships are described in great detail. This is a delight to read and you just want to find out even more about them.

In this book, the main characters are in Egypt, on the long planned expedition to visit the pyramids. Faithful readers of the Captain Lacey series will know that Grenville has been planning this visit for many years. Despite Lacey’s reluctance to leave his pregnant wife and step-son, he is shanghaied by his friend and the story begins.

Review #4

Audio The Alexandria Affair narrated by James Gillies

Such and enjoyable read and now I’m at the end of the series so far!!! I hope the next is not too long away. Here Lacey, who’s been a bit frayed around the edges, is bundled off ( with his wife’s full co-operation) to have an archaeological holiday in Egypt (a long-held secret desire). Granville has everything organised and it should all go smoothly. Except, of course, that this is Lacey and Denis is in the mix; ere long there’s murder, mayhem and an outrageous impersonation. The mysterious figure from the previous novel makes himself and his intentions known – and he’s Lacey’s almost double which makes for a lot of trouble. There are interesting details of the life and politics in Egypt at this time and of the attitude to excavating among the ruins (no wonder so many treasures ended up exported/stolen!). I was completely engrossed from start to finish.

Review #5

Free audio The Alexandria Affair – in the audio player below

I only recently discovered this series of books and was immediately captivated. I ended up purchasing all of them and reading them all in about a week. Great hero who develops as the books develop, excellent supporting cast of secondary characters too. I thoroughly recommend them all. Although they are stand alone in terms of the mysteries, they do have other threads that develop as you go through the series so I do bear that in mind. This story- currently the latest in the series- takes Captain Stacey to Alexandria, outside of his usual hunting ground. I enjoyed seeing him in this new environment (as it is something he’s been wanting to do for some time) and as I’m an archaeologist myself I was really pleased to see that the book was very well researched. Overall a cracking cosy crime read.

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