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The Body Keeps the Score is a book about health and wellness. It talks about alternative and complementary medicine where the mind, brain, and body playing their role in healing out of trauma. It is written by Bessel Van der Kolk MD. The author himself is a psychiatrist and a researcher, which helped him in writing such a meaningful and informative book.

Sean Pratt has done the narration of this book. He managed to bring to the listeners the true essence of this book with clarity in his accent.

The Body Keeps the Score audiobook free

The author is one of the most renowned experts when it comes to the traumatic disorders that people of today may face. As per the author, one out of every five Americans gets molested at least once in their lifetime. One out of four grow up with an alcoholic issue and one out of every three couples do engage in physical violence as well. Such kinds of experiences are terrible and could leave behind their traces on the minds and emotions of the people. This may also impact biology even. Very sad to say that the sufferers of trauma pass on all their stress and anxiety to their children and partners. The author has spent more than three decades with the survivor and to help them come out of it.

The book is great and the author and a great psychiatrist and research completely transformed our understanding of traumatic stress. He beautifully shares how it could the wiring of the brain. He was more concerned about the brain areas that are associated with pleasure, control, trust, and engagement. Reading this book can be very helpful for people.

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