The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1)

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The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) audiobook free

Hoo boy. I used to read regency romance novels in college all the time and theres a few books that are genuinely well written and I still occasionally reread them. I heard about the upcoming Shondaland series, which sounds exactly like something Id love, and decided to check out the books. I had high hopes with all the positive reviews.

Ill get to reviewing the quality of the material after this big thing that completely destroys this book and entire series for me: the main character Daphne rapes Simon and no one cares and theres no consequences. One review I read also gave a bad review because of this but I genuinely thought they were wrong because theres no way this would happen in an internationally best selling book with 1000 good reviews, right??? Nope, apparently I discounted how poorly understood male rape is in our society esp with female perpetrators. Was it violent or was he forced? Not really. Did he enjoy it? Technically, yes. But he was absolutely wasted, had no idea what was going on (which, drunk sex, it happens and can be fine) and then she (trying not to spoil??) very specifically decides to take advantage of his drunken state and do something to him he has EXPLICITLY said no to, multiple times over several instances. Is his reasoning on why not to do the thing stupid? Yes. More on his ridiculous character later. But it doesnt matter if his reasons are dumb. He has said no to this many times and she has to sort of hold him down to get him to do it??? Its very icky and was hard to read. He then, unsurprisingly, freaks out and is very upset and sort of has a mental breakdown? But hes over it in about one chapter, there are no real consequences whatsoever, and Daphne explicitly thinks to herself shes not ashamed of what she did afterwards. WTF??? I am so surprised more people arent taking about this with the adaptation announcement and I really hope the series drastically changes this.

Separately from this, is the book good? No, not really. I mean its readable, and I was entertained at least in the beginning. The family dynamics are cute and some scenes are funny but I read this 3 days ago and cant remember anything else good about it. I can barely even remember Daphnes personality. The pacing of the plot is a bit awkward alongside the pacing of the romantic development. Some scenes just stretch on into awkwardness with cringey dialogue but not in a funny, tongue in cheek way. Simons character is ridiculous and melodramatic to the point of exhaustion and the book leans heavily on the whole tragic backstory cliche but it barely even makes sense when you find out all his secrets. I love cheesy romance cliches and ridiculous characters in regency novels when theyre done well, when the cliches are cheeky and self aware and the book isnt taking itself too seriously. This book fails at that. And I have no issue when characters act like a-holes or irrationally because of terrible things in their life. Theyre only human. But Simons whole schtick is just ridiculous and so dragged out it’s almost painful. Romance novels often get a pass for having not great or even bad writing, but Ive read some genuinely fantastic and well written regency romance novels that are just so much better than this.


Review #2

The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) audiobook streamming online

Trigger Warning
I dont normally give bad reviews. If I dont like a book I simply move on from it. But this one made me mad and has a lot of good reviews and a Netflix show about to release so here it goes.
I was uncomfortable when the hero threatened to rape the heroine. But, as that is unfortunately not uncommon of the historical romance genre, willing to move on. Until less than 30 pages later when the heroine rapes the hero. It made me ill to read. Its made worse by the book later trying to convince the reader that it was not in fact a rape, when it clearly was. Just because it happened to a man doesnt make it any less of a rape or any less awful.
If it werent for the book goal Im trying to hit, I would not have finished it. The last hundred pages were a struggle.
Before that, the book was fine. Not fireworks, just fine. It starts to get corny and a little off track character-wise about 45% of the way through. Ive heard that the other books are better but Im not sure I will be able to read them after this one.
I still plan on watching the show. Hopefully Shonda Rhimes has sense enough to cut that part out.


Review #3

Audiobook The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) by Julia Quinn

Literally the dumbest crap I’ve ever read. And now it’s a series for Netflix?? How is Julia Quinn an award winning author in the romance writer’s hall of fame? People, the bar is low. Get your pens out and write nonsense, and you too can be an award winning author and get paid for crappy television. I swear no one has good taste anymore or even knows what good writing is. I enjoyed the reviews for this book better than the actual book.


Review #4

Audio The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) narrated by Rosalyn Landor

I must start the review by stating that I am a huge fan of the genre. I own several books that are written well and I often reread them.

I watched the Netflix series and loved it and wanted to read the book. I came thinking I would love it, as I am already a fan of these novels… boy was I mistaken. The producers did a MARVELOUS job at taking a horrible book and making a wonderful series. I advise you not to waste your time, and your money buying this book. Enjoy the series and avoid this book!!!

This book is so bad that I found myself rolling my eyes. It’s just so horribly written. About 44% through I wanted to quit reading. I soldiered through but, finally gave up at 87%.. I somehow made it that far through… but I just had to stop. 🙁


Review #5

Free audio The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) – in the audio player below

She rapes him then justifies the rape as his fault.

She sees he’s incompacitated, determines he’s helpless to stop her, and decides that is the only time she can get that she wants. Regardless of his consent. Which he explicitly denied on multiple occasions.

During and after the rape, she mitigates the violation with nauseatingly familiar justifications: she knows he wanted it, she couldn’t help herself, it was his fault really for trying to deny her in the first place – he didn’t have a right to say no, she was confused and couldn’t remember exactly who had done what (lady, you sat beside him and methodically planned it out then raped him)!

Worst of all, she denies the rape until the bitter end and uses gas lighting techniques to convince them both it never happened.

It’s sick. Daphne is the worst excuse for a heronine I’ve read in a long while.


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