The Ghost

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The Ghost

Review #1

The Ghost audiobook free

I wanted a new read. I was so impressed when it arrived. It truly felt like I bought myself a present. It was wrapped so pretty and with care. It made my day.

Review #2

The Ghost audiobook

A friend wanted me to read this book. (She knows I read a lot) By the middle of the book I knew I wanted this on my shelf. This is a weekend book, it’s just if you read it the day before you go to work, you might be late. I almost was! Recommend p.s. it arrived quickly and good condition

Review #3

Audiobook The Ghost by Danielle Steel

I’m sorry to say that this book lacked any character development, any excitement, any surprises! The main character is quite annoying. After his wife leaves him for another man, he meets an old woman at a bed and breakfast and immediately bonds with her within the hour and actually says he loves her – she is a stranger to him! They hype this up for a chapter or two and then he practically forgets all about her and she is barely mentioned again! Then he meets another woman at the historical society who is so full of anger when she meets him for the first time that he truly dislikes her. He meets her again on the ski slopes, where she allows her 10 year old daughter to ski alone because she is a better skier than her mother! Charlie immediately connects with the little girl and mom is nasty again! Suddenly she becomes much nicer in a couple of chapters and spills her guts to Charlie about her ex! They commiserate over their awful exes and a bond is formed. Oh and let’s not forget about the ghost he falls in love with! We have to endure a trip back in time as Charlie reads the ghosts life story in her journals. But nothing connects the two stories! I thought for sure there would be some big reveal or connection between the characters in the past and those in the present! Nothing! I was very disappointed in this book and felt like it was a waste of my time!

Review #4

Audio The Ghost narrated by Joe Grifasi

I was disappointed that a definite link was not formed between the current owner of the house and the countess who owned it in the late 1700’s. Other than that the switch between the almost parallel lives of individuals from the different centuries felt like reading a novel within a novel.

Review #5

Free audio The Ghost – in the audio player below

A fantasy like no other! I was so addicted to the story of Francois, and her family! This book was wonderful and incredible, like no other! I have read most of Steel’s books, but this was one of my very favorites! I was lost in the love story in the Journals. So incredibly romantic! Thank you, Danielle!!!!!!!!!

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