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The novel works on two aspects of life; one is of course the importance of studying books when they are provided to you. Secondly, the novel narrates the story of a woman who lived her life in captivity for a long time. Alice used to live in England as a young girl and all she wanted from life was the freedom to act according to her own will.

She tried hard for this but her efforts never bore fruit. Then she became mature enough to get married and when the wedding proposal from America landed on her doorstep she thought of it as an opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Thinking of anything else in such a scenario was a waste of time for her thus she readily agreed to the proposal.

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Her husband proved everything which she dreamed of as a young girl but her father in law was the nightmare she wasn’t ready for after her wedding. Life remained boring for Alice after her marriage too and then she met Margery. Margery provided her an opportunity to join a group of women who host a moving library for the people. This particular woman told Alice for the first time what she wanted to hear i.e there is no need to take the consent of a man.

Together the group of women launched themselves all over America as they went to one city after the other providing people the books of their choice. Jojo Moyes paints the picture of women who don’t want to get dominated by men in any way. They love their lives and they like their freedom. This concept which Julia Whelan narrates is better than Me Before You and After You.

There is love present in the book but it is not between the two opposite sex rather it is the love of freedom to roam and read. The women don’t want a perfect match for them anymore; all they want is to be free from the hectic routines.

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