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The Killing Dance audiobook – Audience Reviews


Hi there, are you looking for The Killing Dance audiobook free? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it, thanks.


Review #1

The Killing Dance full audiobook free


Sorry new readers to this series, this review/opinion is really on for those who’ve been introduced to Anita already. So the spoilers ahead may not make sense, but read the post anyway as you may like the fact that I recommend this series by LKH because she knows how to write and develop really good story/characters/plots.
I’ve reread this entire series at least twice, I think this is my fourth time though and I still come away with a new awareness/judgment of the main character Anita, JC and Richard.

1st, Anita shows some awareness of her faults, even this book she recently realized she was a hypocrite. For me, I didn’t realize just how much the author did a good job on developing this character. Its so well done, Anita is a real person to the reader and there’s traits about her that I like and dislike just like a real person. So good job on how 3D Anita is.

2nd, Anita/MC treats the two men so differently that it actually pisses me off. They could have the same motive in the book but for Richard, she encourages his developing ruthlessness but for JC, she’s ALWAYS accusatory that his ruthless behavior is self beneficial & evil ONLY. She doesn’t credit JC with any other altruistic motive. As if what benefits JC is only for JC and not for his people as well. It’s pretty tiresome to constantly read about her criticizing/accusing/disparaging JC. Also, the point in this particular bk where the 3 experiment on being a triad and she raises some vamps like they were zombies made me dislike her very much right then. She uses Willie ( so called friend) like a ping pong tween her and JC, then, as she has tears in her eyes, she again threatens JC and she sees fear in his eyes and her only comment is GOOD? WTF? some things Richard did made her afraid of him which made her pause, but its ok for JC to fear her? This is one conflicted puppy yall…..

3rd, I like how the author has the Anita at least state several times, “I never claimed to be consistent.” Aint that the truth. Like I said, self reflective up to a point. And I just realized that the MC fights her affinity for/with the dead, i.e…JC thru out the first 6 books, at least. And I think part of her fascination/lust with JC is this necromancer affinity. And she fears this, so of course she attacks what she fears. That last was a realization I came again after going over this series again.

4th, I really like an author who not only makes me WANT to reread a series, but causes me to rethink a character and still discover likes & dislikes for them. Secondary characters as well.


Review #2

The Killing Dance audiobook in series Anita Blake


I’m still reading the Series. Just decided to go back and read the earlier novels in it once again. I am always very careful not to put spoilers in reviews, probably too careful when I review any book. In other words, I am so afraid of giving away too much, that I probably give too little.
What can I say? If you liked the others in the beginning of the Anita Blake series, you’ll like this one just fine. I think it stands as one of Ms. Hamilton’s best. At least, in my own personal opinion The Killing Dance is the Greatest Hit Single in the first several really wonderful books. Another Greatest Hit coming up for you new readers is Cerulean Sins.
This series has become quite controversial among both readers and critics. In each new edition addition (lol) Ms. Hamilton pushes some envelopes a little further. For Anita Blake fans, the latter half or so of the series (I think the series is around Book 25 at this point in time.) is where quite a lot of readers who love the characters in Ms. Hamilton’s fictional world, and who have an investment in the books beyond money, react to how the characters are behaving and changing within each book’s story VERY strongly pro or con.
You would not believe what a storm this series has created amongst readers! They argue and value judge the author and each other regularly. I must admit I did a little mud slinging myself at one point a few years back, which I regret very much for a variety of reasons.
Rather than worry about all the hoopla past and very present, my suggestion to you is to simply use your own judgement…but only use that judgement to police yourself and your own values and morals. When and IF you get to a point where you feel you want to bail out, then by all means, do so. Otherwise, I wish you happy reading! There is no “wrong choice”, there is only your choice.

If you are considering reading this book (6/7? I believe) as a shortcut into Anita Blake’s world, I highly suggest you start back at the beginning of the series. While I do think that the first half dozen give or take can stand alone, I also think they read much better, capture your attention and imagination more easily, provide you with the opportunity for emotional investment, and especially that welcome feeling of alt world escapism that every reader of this specific type of fiction is hooked on, if you start with Book One, where you can truly begin your journey into the really wonder-filled world that Ms. Hamilton has created, where you will meet Anita Blake, humans, monsters, monstrous humans and very human monsters.
Don’t let yourself be dragged into the ever ongoing great debates! The only person whose judgement you need to worry about and/or listen to is your own! In the end, it’s fiction, and fiction should be fun. When it stops being fun? “Tap Out” and find a new fictional world that trips your personal trigger! Peace!


Review #3

The Killing Dance audiobook by Laurell K. Hamilton


I like the idea of a story about a woman, vampires and shapeshifters aka werewolves.
The story continues with Anita Blake known as the Executioner keeping the Master of the city and the Alfa wolf Richard at Bay. Each one wants to be their mates. She continues to say no to both of them. Someone has taken a hit contract out on her. In order to prevent blood she’d, Anita, Richard(werewolf)and Jean Claude (vampire) Master of the city form a triumvirate to share power with each other.


Review #4

The Killing Dance audio narrated by Kimberly Alexis


I wonder why at this point anyone in the supernatural world that Anita resides in would be surprised by anything she does.

I like that there is still a ton of adventure and roller coaster in this one. I appreciate that Anita is really pealing back the layers of her issues. What I really don’t like is the negative appraisals she gives herself about everything in regard to her person, except he ability to kill. That she is confident on, but I wish should would let up a little on always being so critical of herself.

The menagerie of men and monsters of course is still surrounding her, and nothing in her life is any less complicated than it was last go around.


Review #5

free audio The Killing Dance – in the audio player below


Not really my favorite, but still a very good read! I got attached to Richard. Totally disappointed that Anita and Richard didnt work out, although you saw it coming miles away! I’m hoping Anita evolve emotionally. I understand she hasn’t had much experience in romance, but she truly did not understand Richard at all, to say she loved him! All in all still a good read but was disappointed in the relationship segment of the story. What the what was going on with the shared power? Was that preternatural menage trois? Still hooked and looking forward to the next seg of the series!


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