The Lives of Saints

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The Lives of Saints audiobook – Audience Reviews

Review #1

The Lives of Saints full audiobook free

This is hauntingly captivating. These stories are screepy and a tad frightening and their dark lives and ends will pull upon your heartstrings. Leigh Bardugo is a masterful storytelling genius.

As superstitious beliefs and villainish folk rush to persecute the saints you’ll find that you simply can’t set this beautiful book aside. These are dark but so beautifully written. I loved adding more to the Grishaverse universe and gaining a better understanding of some of my favorite character’s beliefs. This is filled with heroes and monster.

This is a must-read for any Grishaverse fan! The inside artwork is spectacular! This is a quick read that you won’t be forgetting. I imagine that it’ll be invaluable as you navigate the Grishaverse and all of it’s gloriousness.

Review #2

The Lives of Saints audiobook full streamming online

THE LIVES OF SAINTS is a beautiful book that brings a fantasy world to life, adding a richness to the series written by Leigh Bardugo, and makes for a dazzling decorative piece for the casual passerby while providing an inspiring piece of myth and intrigue for the dedicated reader. I must applaud Bardugo and her team on managing to turn what was once a simple YA Fantasy trilogy into a growing empire.

Review #3

The Lives of Saints audiobook by Daniel J. Zollinger – illustrator Leigh Bardugo

This is just BEAUTIFUL!! I ate it up in one day. I love the pictures and the stories and the cover and the design and lay out and just EVERYTHING a great add to my collection and so nicely done!!

Review #4

The Lives of Saints audio narrated by Ben Barnes Lauren Fortgang

Holy crap this book was amazing. Definitely added a huge layer of depth to the Grishaverse and I love it. Definitely something to read after the first 5 books, since it has slight spoilers in it. But nevertheless it’s amazing.

Review #5

free audio The Lives of Saints – in the audio player below

I wanted to listen to this because Ben Barnes does the narration but I also wanted to read the hardcover because of the illustration, so instead of forcing myself to choose I did both at the same time and excellent life choice. This was a fun little companion to the Grisha world.

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