The Power of Full Engagement

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The Power of Full Engagement Audiobook

The Power of Full Engagement is a management and leadership-related book. It tells you all about managing your energy and not your time. It emphasizes this to be the real key to optimal performance and as well as for personal renewal. This book is written and narrated by the duo of Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Jim Loehr is a renowned performance psychologist. This book he coauthored with Tony Schwartz but he has got more than 15 nonfictional books as an individual writer where Leading with Character is one of them.

The Power of Story is another individual nonfictional book on management and leadership-related topic. In the capacity of narrators, both were reasonable with their performances. At least, they made this book a fairly easy listen.

The Power of Full Engagement

We are currently living in the digital era where our pace in life is quite rushed. It is also relentless and rapid-fire at times. Facing the crushing workload is very much a norm and we need to cram as much as we could on daily basis. We are all wired up but at the same time, we are all melting down.

Time management is no longer a viable solution at all. The key is to manage your energy and not your time. It is only then you could get high performance in work along with happiness, health and life balance.

Free Audiobook The Power of Full Engagement

The Corporate Athlete training system is right at the heart of this program. In the last one decade or so, several Fortune 500 companies paid a lot of money to learn all about the Corporate Athlete training system. This is also a method applicable to doctors, nurses, salesman and even FBI SWAT teams.

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