The Return

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The return is a fictional novel written by Nicholas Sparks. He is a top-rated American novelist with experience in screenwriting as well. He also has done some considerable work as a philanthropist. The author is brilliant with his writing that has a definite perspective. A couple of other good books from the author are Every Breath and The Rescue.

Kyf Brewer is the narrator of this novel. He was quite extraordinary with his tonal quality and expression. However, at times, he struggled with his pronunciation, but only in some places. If you consider or rate his overall performance then the mentioned issue could easily be overlooked.

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There was no intention of Trevor Benson to relocate to New Bern in North Carolina. He was working as an orthopedic surgeon in a hospital in Afghanistan. A mortar blast outside the hospital there resulted in him going back to his home with some devastating injuries. He found the dilapidated small cabin inherited from his grandfather to be an excellent choice for regrouping.

Trevor was in no mood for falling in love with a local. But, he still felt a very strong connection after meeting Deputy Sheriff Natalie, and he couldn’t deny that. She seemed to reciprocate his feelings but still preferred to stay distant. That made Trevor wonder quite deep that what exactly she is hiding. His stay in the New Bern area was further complicated by the presence of Callie, who is a sullen teenage girl. Trevor was hoping that Callie shed some light on the mysterious death of his grandfather.

The Return tells a great story about an injured doctor from the Navy. The overall storyline and the characters were all so exciting.

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