The Return of the King

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The Return of the King Audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Return of the King  audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

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Review #1

The Return of the King audiobook free

I could go on and on in detail, but suffice it to say that in my opinion it is one of a small and very elite group of stories that if everyone were to read it would not only make them better humans, but the world a better place as a result, as well. Be sure to read the books in sequence, beginning with The Hobbit, and enjoy. Half of me is glad to have read it, and the other half wishes I was just starting to.

Review #2

The Return of the King series The Lord of the Rings

What a saga this book is as well as the first two books in the trilogy. I find it impossible to describe the unbelievable journey and all of the things the nine travelers went through and what they found when they returned home. I recommend this trilogy to everyone. Let me just say I’ve never read anything that affected me as much as this.

Review #3

Audiobook The Return of the King by j. R. R. Tolkien

This is flawless! What Andy Serkis began in Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, he continues here. His vocal talents are astonishing. Over the course of the three volumes (Fellowship, Towers, Return) he triumphantly produces something like 132 different voices (AND he sings). Mesmerizing performance. Best narration EVER!

Review #4

Audio The Return of the King narrated by Martin Shaw

Finally having tried the newish Illustrated versions box set, the new single volume version I have a set of lord of the rings I’m happy with. The box set whilst beautiful illustrations are not Tolkien’s middle earth and characters. As soon as I saw the first plate I couldn’t keep the set. The new all in one was so heavy, but the dust jacket was off centre and the box was damaged so it also went back. This set is as close to the original as you can get I think. Paper is a little thin to accommodate the size although given the classic versions are only ever one of three books they could have been slightly thicker, but still great quality. Otherwise though it’s original fold out maps, luxuriant thick dust jackets. And just how LOTR was meant to be. And relax.

Review #5

Free audio The Return of the King – in the audio player below

The third book is tough to get through – be warned. It also looks bigger than it is because half of it is appendices! I found this really difficult to finish, but the ending includes several chapters on the scouring of the shire and Saruman which are not in the film but are very very important – an interesting ending that highlights the sacrifices and consequences of the war and the Hobbits decision to fight evil. Unfortunately it arrived damaged and was not well packaged but the illustrations are lovely and again I would recommend due to the lovely watercolour images.

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