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After this book, the sandman by Neil Gaiman and Dirk Maggs will emerge as one of the biggest characters among the D.C stars. The character is not new but it has not been well described in an individual novel before.

Here he gets a lavish treatment by the two authors and the long list of narrators including Riz Ahmed, Neil Gaiman, Samantha Morton, Andy Serkis, and Michael Sheen. Lord Morpheus also is known as the legendary Sandman controls the dreams of thoughts of every leaving being. Being able to penetrate the mind of every being he can control the thoughts and imagination whenever he likes.

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But this mighty immortal demigod gets stuck badly this time as he is captured by a rival gang which takes his powers too. Brought out of his dream realm Lord Morpheus feels powerless and he is nothing more than a mere human being in this state. The more he tries to get out of the shackles the more he loses his powers and becomes a slave to his surroundings.

Then finally his plan works and he gets a chance to escape out from the deadly wormhole. When he comes back to his realm he sees that the realm is destroyed and his powers are not strong enough to reconstruct what is destroyed. Looking for his powers the Sandman reaches to Lucifer and from there on he goes from one legendary place to another. Slowly growing in powers the Sandman also learns very important lessons in life during this tough period. One thing which he never loses is the zeal to survive and try hard to regain everything which he has lost.

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