The Sea Without a Shore

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The Sea Without a Shore audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Sea Without a Shore audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

Review #1

The Sea Without a Shore audiobook free

This is the last book of the RCN series with Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy in the lead. This is where I stop.

Any long-running series runs the risk of falling into traps. Repetitive plots, reuse of dialogue, increase of filler to content ratio. See “The Lost Fleet” series by Jack Campbell for a good example of something that went on far past its natural end.

As the books have progressed I noticed more and more repetition of phrases and explanations. High Drive can’t be used in an atmosphere, plasma thrusters are inefficient, computers can’t navigate as well as humans, the slightest electrical charge when in the Matrix will result in the ship becoming incalculably lost. We all knew by the second book that Adele’s pistol barrel is hot enough to char her clothing, or that the light ceramic pellets with their aluminum driving bands lack stopping power. We all knew that Tovera was a pale insect. In this book alone we’re told Tovera’s laughter is like a peevish reptile/peevish insect/peevish multiple times. Hogg looks like a rumpled yokel and his ill-fitting coat contains many pockets full of weapons. The filler, in other words, that has been accumulating from book to book, has taken over the bulk of the book’s volume in comparison to the actual content.

The continuity slips are creeping up more too, which I find surprising since so much has been copy-pasted from previous entries in the series. Agatha, Mundy’s sister, has been reduced from age 10 to 8 when fate befalls her. Multiple books mention Adele never had Dress Whites, and yet I’m fairly confident she’s in Dress Whites when she receives the Cinnabar Star.

Review #2

The Sea Without a Shore audiobook in series RCN Series

Anyone else notice that it seems less well written or less edited? I read a lot of sci-fi and I am shameless about it I am not a grammar nut but I noticed some bad copy editing and I never ever notice that stuff. I feels like it he is just phoning it in sometimes or its write by numbers or something. I appreciate how hard it is to write I do and I would wait for a while for a good book as I have enough to read. I could provide examples one was when he uses “he said” within the same sentence and it required I read the sentence a couple of times to actually understand what was meant.. Also one time Mundy has a thought expressed in a sentence that seems completely random and like there was some section of text that was removed or misplaced.. It seems like he could have really used Scrivener or something this time. I am returning the kindle copy half read. I like it but I am disappointed and I do not feel like It was worth 10 dollars. It almost feels like scooby doo..

Review #3

Audiobook The Sea Without a Shore by David Drake

Just a super read.

This one starts with Adele getting a call from Dierdre Leary. A Dierdre who needs Adele’s superior help with a little blackmail. Blackmail thats being used on the Leary concerns. Adele agrees to help. Of course she does. Dierdre is Daniels sister and therefore part of Adele’s family.

Daniel Leary has also been approaced. This approach is all about a trip to a planet called Corcyra.

The approach is made by the husband of Adele’s black ops boss. Seems her son has come home after two years and says there is a treasure on Corcyra. A treasure that will help the Tradtionalists on that planet buy arms to defend themselves. The Traditionalists that the son believes in. Daniel agrees to help and he and Adele head for Corcyra where Arnaud, the man blackmailing Dierdre is trying to take over the planet.

So begins one damned fine read.

This one has Daniel, Adele, Hogg, Tovera and twenty member of the Sissie crew, a ship not the Sissie, liars, murder, explosions, blackmail, jealousy, a coup for Cinnibar and can Daniel and Adele do the impossible one more time?

Review #4

Audio The Sea Without a Shore narrated by David Drake

When the chief spymaster of your empire come to you and asks a favor, it’s best just to say yes. Daniel Leery did just that, but now he’s escorting the spymaster’s son out to the edges of known space. His mission, find an ancient treasure buried for thousands of years. There’s just a couple of complications. A brutal civil war on the planet being one of them. All in a day’s work for Daniel.

Daniel has to deal with misgivings on his own crew this time. They can’t understand why he didn’t invite them along. It’s hard to explain to them that he feels like it’s a wild goose chase. He’ll need them though. The local warlords view the recently arrived star ship as an asset. To them, the first to capture Daniel’s ship will have a significant advantage in their planetary power play. Little do they know that the treasure is more than a myth. There’s something to it, and the stakes are much bigger than they could have imagined.

David Drake brings Daniel Leery and Adele Mundy back for another exciting adventure in The Sea without a Shore. Our unlikely allies have their work cut out for them. When everyone is out to get you and the stakes rise ever higher, Daniel and Adele are just the team to set things right.

Review #5

Free audio The Sea Without a Shore – in the audio player below

Yet another author has succumbed to “formula” and I won’t ever be buying him again.
Why does it happen? These guys are competenet enough – maybe they just get lazy with the onset of dementia.
A whole series of my favourite autors has fallen in the last year – most notably Patricia Briggs; Drake has fallen from grace before but resurrected himself with the start of the “RCN” series: “With The Lightnings”; the series had been worth reading up to this volume.
Now he’s collapsed into formula again: another planet; politics; lifeforms that shouldn’t be there [without human agency] … utterly predictable.

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