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Anne Rice’s touch on any topic or section of literature just turns it into pure gold. The new series this time selects the old dynasty of witches. A lot has been written about wizards but witches are somehow taken as naughty and mean creatures. Thus most of the fiction writers have not given importance to witches. Anne Rice starts describing the world of witches right from where everything started. The family of witches is not troubling anyone here rather they are being haunted by a powerful superhuman being.

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Lasher wants every member of the witch family dead at any rate. Enmity is not new as it has been there since the dawn of time when the family of witches united for the first time. Anne takes us back in time for some moment to tell us that Lasher was after the ancestors of the witches as well. The enmity that has continued for four centuries has finally come to the current generation and this generation wants to end this forever. Just as in The Queen of the Damned and Interview with the Vampire we find mystery connected to the previous generations.

From where the fight started no one has a clue but the severity and aggression are unlimited. Both sides want to suck the blood out of their enemy and are not ready to show mercy at any condition. Kate Reading does not try to make the story more corrosive through narration because it already possesses hatred and zeal to vanquish the other. Witches are the good side in the story but it does not mean that they act nicely towards their enemy.

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