Thinking Fast and Slow

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Thinking Fast and Slow audiobookĀ is a book about ideas for career success by maximizing the potential of your mind. The book deals with behavioral psychology. It is written by Daniel Kahneman who is a psychologist, economist, and Nobel Laurette in Economic Sciences as well.

The book is narrated by Patrick Egan and he managed to do it perfectly, which the listeners thoroughly liked and appreciated.

Thinking Fast and Slow audiobook free

Daniel in this book beautifully explains that two critical systems drive the way we think and subsequently make our choices. System 1 is quite fast, emotional, and intuitive, and System 2 is much slower, logical, and deliberative. To examine how these systems work within our mind, the author exposes the capabilities along with the biases of fast thinking impression on our choices and thoughts.

He also showed that where it is possible for us to trust our intuitions and how we could maximize the perks of slow thinking. He did that so beautifully by contrasting the 2-system view of the human mind along with the basic model associated with the rational economic agent.

The author demonstrated that while we think about ourselves as being rational with our decision making, then the truth of the matter is that we become biased in so many ways. A least, we could have a better chance with things by having the subject awareness that could help in avoiding such situations biasness. At worst, with such an approach we could keep it to the bare minimum level.

This book from Daniel is a must-read or listen for all those who have any sort of interest in an investment or human behavior influencing things in their area of influence.

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