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This Is Your Time audiobook

Hi, are you looking for This Is Your Time audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

This Is Your Time audiobook free

Ms. Bridges, THANK YOU, for this wonderful personal story. As a gay white man who grew up in South Carolina (until he was 15) who, simply because I was different, was beaten daily for 8 years by his stepfather, ostracized by his other family members, and threatened with hanging by hordes of youths who would follow me home as I walked from school, I wondered, What did I do? Why doesnt anyone like me? I never understood. And those questions have lingered all of my adult life.

Now, please dont misunderstand me: I do not pretend to know your suffering and that of your fellow African American sisters and brothers; ours is suffering of a different magnitude and, perhaps, nature. By no means do I mean to equate my suffering with yours as a way to tell you, I understand, because I dont. But I know the face of EVIL. Once anyone attuned to our human condition sees the face of EVIL, it is never forgotten.

But, as you told Scott Simon on NPRs Weekend Edition, which aired on 11/7/2020, EVIL does not discriminate. EVIL is color blind. And, when any of us allows EVIL into our minds and our lives, all of us lose.

I honor you, Dear Lady, for the past 25 years of service to our countrys young people throughout the states. You are a cherished Hero to me. Even so, I bet you would look me straight in my eyes and say, Jay, do NOT lionize me. Instead, get out and do some good on your own. Each of us has something POSITIVE to give; each of us is UNIQUE, imbued with Gods colors of love. Your gift to young children over these past years is a most beautiful gift of yourself.

Thank you for this wonderful story. I know that my note is one of many thousands that you will receive. I do not ask for a response. But I do hope I have given you a smile, of the heart. Because thats what youve given me, Ms. Bridges.

And, I am truly sorry for your loss of your beautiful son, Craig. May his memory in your heart embolden you to keep moving forward, my Dear Lady.

James Creighton
November 12, 2020


Review #2

This Is Your Time audiobook streamming online

This “book” has 52 pages. Most of those have at most a paragraph on them or a picture. If I had had the opportunity to peruse this “book” in real time, I would never have purchased it. I really wanted to learn who this child was and who she had grown into!


Review #3

Audiobook This Is Your Time by Ruby Bridges

I feel duped. I NEVER buy new release hard backs because I just cant afford it. I was so excited for this book, and ordered it the day it was released. But once it came in the mail, I was just annoyed. This book is only 55 pages long and feels like it was written for children not adults. Save your money and wait until your library gets a copy.


Review #4

Audio This Is Your Time narrated by Ruby Bridges

I bought this book to read with my elementary school age daughters, of whom I think is the target audience. The text juxtaposed against the historical pictures was really powerful and opened up great discussion points, and it also helped give context to what is happening in the Black Lives Matter movement today.


Review #5

Free audio This Is Your Time – in the audio player below

First, this is a Very tiny book with just a few pages. It is geared more for elementary school children than adults. Just a paragraph or two on each page. I appreciate the ordeals that Ms. Bridges went thru and her place in history. I knew her story. I only bought this book because I saw her on TV and she said that she wrote this book to speak to the young people protesting on the streets. I don’t she did that. Ms. Bridges only re-told her story and only made a statement or two at the end which she directed to the young adults in the movement. However, I will give this book to my 8-year-old granddaughter because it is a story she should know and will hopefully help her overcome obstacles in life. Disappointing.


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