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To Green Angel Tower audiobook

Hi, are you looking for To Green Angel Tower audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

To Green Angel Tower audiobook free

The world is falling apart. The sea is full of dangerous creatures that now storm the shores. In the north, Winter reigns and creatures from legends stalk the empty towns. In the south, creatures from the swamps rise out seeking to destroy human civilization. And amidst this chaos Utuk\’ku and the Storm King\’s plan is coming to fruition. But will Simon and the rest of those who would seek to stop the chaos and destruction first figure out who is the False Messenger? And will they do so in time to save the world? The title of the book sort of tells you what will happen in this book. Our cast of characters, most of whom are now at Sesuad\’ra at the beginning, find themselves confronted with an army coming to crush them. Will this army defeat them and extinguish all hope that Osten Ard may yet free itself from the machinations of Ineluki and the Red Priest, Pyrates? Reader, you know the answer to that I guess. You know somehow at least some of the host of characters will survive and will then journey on to Green Angel Tower. This is a very long book. At times it felt like I could not finish it. Did not want to finish it. Not because it was that good and I wanted to savor it longer but because the middle was a bit tedious. Oh the ending saves everything and for that I give this four stars rather than three stars. Once again we are confronted with long journeys and once again, even though everyone is together, somehow they split and then keep splitting so that the story you\’re following is suddenly stopped at a crucial point but you are left to wonder what is going on because for 2 more chapters you have to read the going-ons of other people. Maddening. Still, it is a good story. And if you are reading this hopefully you have read the first two books and want to see the story completed. And now it is done and I am left a little sad. Maybe this book is really 4.25 stars. And maybe I\’ll pick up the sequels once they come out.


Review #2

To Green Angel Tower audiobook streamming online

According to the reviews below, this Kindle book is part 1 and part 2 together. I bought it, then started looking to see how the book started and how it ended – so far, it starts with the correct words in Part 1 and ends with the correct words in Part 2 so I will say at this time that it is a combined To Green Angel Tower (Part 1 & 2) book. Will keep reading it and occasionally comparing it to my paperbacks to see if it is correct.


Review #3

Audiobook To Green Angel Tower by Tad Williams

I\’ve been hearing about Tad Williams\’s \”Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn\” series simply forever, it seemed, so when I saw a deal on this book, I snapped it up. This was my introduction to the series, even though it\’s book 3 in the overall series, so I was coming in at a bit of a disadvantage. However, I was able to follow along with the plot about as well as it was possible to follow along , and got to know the characters pretty well along the way. By that you might guess that the book is long and the plot is sprawling. This isn\’t necessarily a bad thing, since that\’s what you\’re looking for in epic fantasy, but readers should be aware that the book is *very* long and the plot is *very* sprawling. Good for settling in for a long winter read, or maybe a flight to Japan. Don\’t expect to whip through it, though. There\’s an aspect of YA to the story, in that two of the main characters are adolescents, including a very adolescent teenage boy as the central character. Fantasy tropes abound. But there\’s plenty of exotic, fantastic, magical plot and scenery, as well as tons of action ranging from widespread battles to one-on-one fights. My guess would be that teenage boys with a taste for epic fantasy will love this book. It\’s maybe a little less to the taste of grown women (like me), but it\’s still an epic fantasy classic for a reason, so if you\’re curious, go ahead and immerse yourself in the massive saga.


Review #4

Audio To Green Angel Tower narrated by Andrew Wincott

Love the book but Kindle edition forces you to buy Part 1 and Part 2 separately, like the paperback. Part 1 can be purchased by going to the author\’s website and clicking on the ebook link that takes you to Amazon. Part 1 has the same cover picture as the paperback (Sithi, not a sword). Part 2 is the kindle edition that\’s searchable on Amazon and the cover art shows the sword. Awesome story, just not sure why they split it up for Kindle and you have to pay double.


Review #5

Free audio To Green Angel Tower – in the audio player below

I cant help but to continue to compare Tad Williams excellent trilogy to George R.R. Martins epic (and still in progress) Song of Ice and Fire (dramatized as Game of Thrones), of which I have read all published portions; and to be honest, Martin does not fare well in the comparison. Both epic tales are long, huge canvasses with multiple threads and fates that move at varying pace across the page and in such a broad telling one can easily find oneself a little lost unless the story is very tightly and relevantly coordinated, one fate to the next. Williams does an excellent job of this. No scene is too long or wears on you, and each scene is definitely needed to keep the entire canvass moving at its stately pace toward the ever looming resolution (some 800 pages from now). By this the third book (which is so long it is published in two parts) the fictional universe is well established along with all the characters. Now you are simply living the various lives, all of which you find yourself caring very much for. Again, I cannot recommend this trilogy enough. While Martin is considered the reigning laureate of fantasy, in my book that honor should rightly belong to Tad Williams.


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