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Traction Audiobook

Traction is a management & leadership book. This nonfictional book will help entrepreneurs to get a solid hold on their business. The book is written by Gino Wickman. The author himself has been an entrepreneur. He has sold a couple of multi-million dollar businesses. This experience makes him a great choice to learn about some of the effective and practical methods about business which he shared in this chapter. Apart from Traction, How to Be a Great Boss is another self-explanatory title by the author which has very useful content. What the Heck is EOS? will make another productive read and the book is recommended.


Kevin Pierce is the narrator of this Traction novel. A few enunciation errors were committed by Kevin, but those were minor and it didn’t take away much from this audiobook.

All of the business leaders and entrepreneurs now and then come across similar sorts of frustrations. It could be profit woes, personal conflict, and inadequate growth. Decisions never happen to get made and once they are taken then they fail to be implemented properly. However, there is a solution to this issue. Luckily, it is not so complicated and neither theoretical.

Free Audiobook Traction

The practical method to be shared here is the Entrepreneurial Operating System which is good for achieving the business success that was once envisioned. There are more than 2,000 different companies that have realized the potential of EOS and how beneficial it could be for businesses.

The author did a good job of putting together this book. It has very helpful content for the businesses and it has helped a lot of entrepreneurs as well.

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