Twisted Loyalties (The Camorra Chronicles #1)

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Twisted Loyalties audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Twisted Loyalties audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Twisted Loyalties audiobook free

I love this author\’s Bound series so I thought I would try this spin off series. While I don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with this book, it just didn\’t work for me. It felt like a bunch of misses opportunities and too young. Fabiano was suppose to be a dark, destructive, gritty, bad man, but I never really felt it. There were few scenes that tried to set up those supposed emotions for me, but he came across as younger and a bit soft. I was really hoping for dark. Leona was week and meek, naïve and boring. She was not a heroine in any sense of the word for me. I wanted more from her; more backbone, more strength, more ride or die. She committed my BIGGEST pet peeve by asking Fabiano to change, move, give up everything. No respect for her. I also did like the childish “You made me do this… its all your fault.” That was all they said to each other, no responsibility for their own actions or feelings. Both Fabiano and Leona were complacent in this. There were a few other reasons why this book didn\’t work for me, but I don\’t think I need to list them. As I said before, this was a complete mafia (light) read and it checked all the boxes. It just simply wasn\’t for me.


Review #2

Twisted Loyalties audiobook in series The Camorra Chronicles

I’m so glad to be thrust back into this world, so glad, that I have finished this book within hours of receiving it. I’ve missed these characters so dearly, and am a little in love with the new ones. Fabi is no longer the little kid we knew from Bound by Honor, he is cold and calculating (not to mention incredibly sexy in such a dominant way). Fabiano is entertaining and occasionally made me blush, he’s no longer weak, but strong, cocky, and so incredibly badass. We see him go from this innocent little boy who sticks up for his sisters, to this unfeeling killer. Fabi’s character development in this story is inspiring, to see his change of heart and the sacrifices he makes. We get a little taste of the past and a little scene from some of our favs such as Luca, Aria, and Growl (God have I missed them), and then we also see Fabi’s past on why he isn’t apart of the Outfit anymore. Fabi teams up with the new Capo of Las Vegas—Remo. I actually loved Remo, his character was very interesting to read and would definitely love to read more about him, in per se his own book? Leona is a new character who just moves to Las Vegas, while she is naive and knows nothing about the mob activity going on, she also had a hard life growing up. Her mother an addict and prostitute, her father without a doubt does not care for her. Her story is unique and interesting and the innocence that radiates off of her is refreshing and tantalizing—especially during the innocent scenes with Fabi, and the not-so-innocent scenes with Fabi. My heart broke for Leona constantly when her father would take her money and use it for his own selfish needs. Reilly does an amazing job putting you into the characters mindset and feeling exactly what they are going through. Leona is weak, but also such a strong person for having endured everything she has. Now for the most important evaluation; the smut! It is hot, erotic, intense, and heart-stopping. Cora Reilly is a goddess of smut! The intimacy scenes are not rushed at all which leaves you in anticipation for them to well…get it on. The romance is a slow build until your heart is bursting and you’re suddenly protesting and yelling at the book for them to do it already. Although this is a romance book, it is so much more than smut, it has a great plot and climax (literally and figuratively), and the backstories and build of characters make the setting and story line the stars of the show. As many mafia books I may read Cora Reilly will always be number 1, her writing style is amazing and her research into the Italian mafia and terms makes for an enjoyable and believable read. She will always be one of my favorites too for the characters—especially the sexy alpha males. The ending was severe with violence and curiosity of what exactly was going to happen. Of course, it also leaves the reader wanting more! More of Fabi! And more importantly more of Luca and Aria! Tensions have not died down between Las Vegas, NY or Chicago, and I’m anxious to see what Reilly has in store for us next. Much deserved 5 star rating!


Review #3

Audiobook Twisted Loyalties by Cora Reilly

This author tends to be a hit or miss for me and this book was a hit as I really enjoyed reading it. The story kept my interest. I was never bored. It is a good mix of romance and mafia drama. I love how possessive, protective and jealous the hero is. Also the heroine does not give in easily but rather makes him pursue her. This is another big plus to me. I get so bored when the heroines instantly gives in to the heroes. Usually I need the heroes to have to work for it to keep the romance interesting for me and so instant love tends not to work for me anymore. In addition the hero was faithful to the heroine that I was very happy about. No sex with OW after meeting. This author tends to like pairing manhoe heroes with virgin heroines. That combination is so over done. Here, although the heroine was a virgin, the hero was not a manhore. Also unlike some of the author’s other books, including the next one in the series, there was no sex with prostitutes or any other women in this book. I will be skipping the next book due to the hero’s cheating. According to the reviews not only did he have sex with prostitutes but he had sex with OW after he married the heroine. That is a big no for me.


Review #4

Audio Twisted Loyalties narrated by Nicole Blessing

I waited a lot for this book and the wait was worth it. I love Fabiano, despite all that darkness in the background he still retains that little flame of light that Leona manages to reach and get afloat. While the book is dark romance has mostly a very innocent love story, at least for the side of Leona that still and with everything that touches her in life continues with dreams of a better life. It has been nice to see how this couple is falling in love and fighting in a world of violence where at the slightest carelessness you can die. I can’t wait for the next stories that Mrs Reilly bring to us!!!! Definitely recommended this 100% Esperé muchísimo por este libro y la espera ha valido la pena. Fabiano me ha gustado mucho, a pesar de toda esa oscuridad en el fondo aún conserva esa llamita de luz que Leona logra alcanzar y sacar a flote. Si bien el libro es romance oscuro tiene en su mayoría una historia de amor muy inocente, al menos por el lado de Leona que aún y con todo lo que le toca en la vida sigue con sueños de una vida mejor. Ha sido bonito ver como este par se va enamorando y luchando en un mundo de violencia donde al menor descuido puedes morir.


Review #5

Free audio Twisted Loyalties – in the audio player below

Cora Reilly Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles series is one of the best mafia series I\’ve ever read. I just love them. So when she announced that Fabiano Scuderi was finally getting a book but in a new mafia series I was so happy. Once I got it I couldn\’t put it down, i think out of all the four Scuderi Children I think Fabiano has had it worse. His father is a ruthless and horrible person and what he does to Fabiano is awful. I won\’t go into details because so don\’t like spoiling for others. But his and Leona connection is beautiful and so real. Shes not in a great place her parents aren\’t the greatest either. But she\’s a fighter. I loved this book so much and can\’t wait for the rest of the series.


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