Watchers of the Throne

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Watchers of the Throne

Review #1

Watchers of the Throne audiobook free

I really liked how this story goes into detail about the birth of the great rift and how scary it was when the astronomicon died. This is just one line it the core rule books but there’s so much more

Review #2

Watchers of the Throne audiobook Series Warhammer 40000

This was a GREAT book! It definitely started slow and I had trouble getting into it until I saw where it was leading, the End of the Imperium as We knew it but The Beginning of the New Imperium.
(Bit of a Spoiler by the way….)
This was a great way of telling and showing the corruption and stagnation the Imperium had become, and how all of that came to an end thanks too and at the hands of Chaos!?! To have Chaos with all of its Evil and Bad intentions actually be the main cause and reason behind the Imperium growing, changing, and casting away its old ways in favor of the New ways(which is a combination of the old glory days ways and what the Imperium had become) casting out and restructuring how everything is done and seen. Basically it’s how the Imperium is able to see and cast off all of their ways that caused and allowed for all of the corruption and stagnation, and how they’re able to grow past the old ways and teachings and start doing what they know to be Right and Good and gain back their humanity! Oh and too lead this dawn into a New Age the return of a mighty individual and leader returns to take the reins, from what used to be lead by “The 12” who all fought for their own gain as well as the Imperium’s, and He now takes over as the one true leader and focus of the Imperium!

Read the book and see how all the things that used to annoy me about the Imperium is changed all for the good and the start of something truly great is accomplished! Hopefully…..

Review #3

Audiobook Watchers of the Throne by Chris Wraight

I only recently started reading books from the Warhammer 40K universe after a long time reading up on the lore online, and found Emperor’s Legion a fascinating look at life on the Throneworld through the eyes of three less common POVs in the universe: a Captain of the Adeptus Custodes, the Chancellor of the Imperial High Council, and a member of the Sisters of Silence. Each bring a really distinct voice to the story, giving readers a ringside seat to one of the pivotal events of the 41st millennium.

Only niggling issue is the author’s style of writing can sometimes feel overly ornate and cluttered. Otherwise, if you’re looking to get deeper into Warhammer 40K, this is a great book to see it from different perspectives to the usual protagonists in the novels.

Review #4

Audio Watchers of the Throne narrated by Gareth Armstrong

This was honestly pretty great all around. The Custodes were convincingly portrayed as something more interesting than just “Space Marines, but more so” (warrior-philosophers in power armor HECK YEAH), the sister of the Anathema Psykana (AKA the Sisters of Silence, except she actually hates that name) was an angry murder-bae with the 40K trademark Will of Iron, and somehow even the chamberlain to the High Lords was an interesting POV?? I really liked Chris Wraight’s last Terra novel and honestly was wary this would be a step down since normally I tend to find the Inquisition more interesting than most other factions, but this was actually even better. Very much recommended and am hoping for a sequel.

Review #5

Free audio Watchers of the Throne – in the audio player below

What I really enjoyed about this book wasn’t just the back story on some of the less investigated groups in the 40k lore but the faint bit of hope that these books put into the imperium of man. While the grimdark is fun and all, it gets awfully tiresome after a while and ever so often it is nice to get a glimpse of the imperium as it was dreamed to be. I hope to see more of this ‘not so grim’ dark

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