When He Was Wicked

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When He Was Wicked Audiobook

When He Was Wicked is a historical romance novel. The book is the 6th chapter of Bridgertons novel series. It is written by Julia Quinn. She is the bestselling American romance author. You will find her literary work mostly in the historical romance genre. She had quite many of her novels translated into nearly two and a half dozen languages.

She appeared 19 times on the bestseller list of the New York Times which is quite an achievement for a writer in her/ his lifetime. An Offer from a Gentleman is a very intriguing novel by the author. The Duke and I is another novel from Julia that you must consider reading sooner.

Rosalyn Landor narrated this book. It was a great performance overall and the voice of Rosalyn would further make you in love with the story and the characters of this novel.

When He Was Wicked

There is a turning point for everyone and every life. There comes a moment in every life that is so tremendous, breathtaking, and sharp that no one has any idea that life would not be the same always. The most infamous rake of London was Michael Stirling. That specific moment for him came for the very first time when he set his eye on son Francesca Bridgerton. He had just one look at her and fell extremely fast for her in love. He wondered that how he managed to remain standing at such an incredible sight.

Free Audiobook When He Was Wicked

The novel comes with some ideally described scenes which will easily draw you into the story, and more so the series. The excellent writing and superb narration make it a must-listen novel in the audio format.

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