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Women Who Work audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Women Who Work audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Women Who Work audiobook free

The obvious jealousy and political hate exhibited in most of these reviews are nothing but comical and disrespectful. My REAL review of this book by a disabled woman who went back to work after years of debilitating illnesses is that its a FANTASTIC and NECESSARY read if you plan to enter into competitive market. This book is meant to be inspiring to women by a successful woman who HAS HAD TO WORK her whole life despite her fathers fortune. President Trump set strict standards upon his children and Ivanka Trump worked very hard through her life from her Wharton alumni to her jewelry and clothing lines (which Im quite disheartened that she put a halt to as her clothing line is my favorite of all of my designer clothes). This book has so much inspiration and advice in it. To those who have hateful reviews Id bet they didnt give the book enough chance to even so much as read the blurb. Ive already read the book as it was meant to me by a friend and now have bought a copy for myself as it is a MUST HAVE for any working woman in a competitive field such as real estate, insurance etc… To those of you ready to make it in the real world and want to actually WORK FOR IT, READ THIS BOOK!


Review #2

Women Who Work audiobook streamming online

I read parts of this book at Barnes and Noble and was appalled. I stopped reading when I came to the sentence about how she “tries to stop by the office” before she goes on a vacation. Based on how many vacations she has taken since her father moved into the White House, this must have happened frequently. She TRIES to stop by? She writes from a privileged white, wealthy life, where her father gave her money to start her business. This book was not written by a designer who truly started a business of her own with bank loans and deadlines and sacrifices. She had nannies to help with her children. She had money to buy beautiful clothes so she looked very professional at the start. She is clearly clueless about how real women work.


Review #3

Audiobook Women Who Work by Ivanka Trump

Saw this book at a bookstore and attempted to read it. This is a book for “women who work” like the smallpox infested blankets were a gift from the Europeans to the Native Americans. It’s a book of quotes guys, other people’s quotes and then some diary entries that don’t apply to like 80% of people in America. It’s got the most basic executive career advice I read about when I was 16 and her the struggles of a “hard working” heiress who has never gone without simply do not apply. I know a lot of women who work and are highly educated and still struggle with being mothers, wives, benefits, medical issues and even single women who are not able to take any time off. None of that is really addressed because she doesn’t know what it’s like to not have any help and deal with real consequences. I would venture to say that most of the ACTUAL women who work are not in that position and don’t want to read a book of quotes, we’re busy hustling since we won’t be getting our tax returns any time soon.


Review #4

Audio Women Who Work narrated by Kathleen McInerney

Ivanka quotes another author in this book in nearly every paragraph. She loves to use the words multi-dimensional and passion. For some reason she thinks the word architect is a verb. There’s nothing here besides self-aggrandizement, and a complete lack of self-awareness. She’s a rich woman who was born on third base and thinks she hit a triple. She repeatedly goes on and on about how her brand is supposed to be about empowering women, yet the irony that most of her products are made overseas by poorly paid female workers escapes her. Ivanka’s writing style is about as interesting as the average 8th grader. The paper the book is printed on is of decent quality. It would make great lining for a birdcage or kindling for a rousing bonfire.


Review #5

Free audio Women Who Work – in the audio player below

A book like this needed to be written


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