The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4)

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The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) audiobook

Hi, are you looking for The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) audiobook free

The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely. I don\’t know where to even begin with this review. This was absolutely everything I\’ve come to expect from a Blakely book and then some. We have Nicole, a mating and dating columnist and Ryder, a relationship consultant: they are coworkers at Hanky Panky Love – a more apt radio station name I\’ve yet to come across. They are fabulous friends and while Nicole thinks Ryder is sex on legs and Ryder thinks Nicole has the sexiest legs, they\’ve never crossed the ping pong line. Until….. Nicole is very happily single and has never been in love. However, she does want children of her own and is looking at IVF options, and by options I mean sperm donors. Unfortunately, none of the donors she\’s considering meet all of her criteria. She has a lightbulb moment and wonders if Ryder would be willing to provide his specimen for purposes of reproduction. It\’s all very black and white, clinical, and straightforward until Ryder is presented with the proposal. While Ryder enjoys most aspects of his job, his show has been more about sex and not so much about intimacy. He has been given the option to shape up or ship out of Hanky Panky Love. In order to turn the tone of the show around, he\’s to take a woman on ten dates and woo her, reporting back to the masses on intimacy and feelings. The two make a new agreement to enjoy the dates together and work on Nicole\’s desire for a baby at the same time. I have to say that I enjoyed their dates almost as much as they did. I also love that (and anyone who follows Blakely on social media will know this) the authors love for animals comes across on the pages. The pets are like well loved family members with a personality of their own and frankly, I think it\’s the sweetest thing ever. Blakely had me in tears of laughter and tears of heartache from the very first page. I have never felt so invested in a relationship and with two characters – both individually and as a couple – before. Maybe I could relate to certain aspects and that made it all the more satisfying. Whatever the reason, I feel like the romance and the fun and the steaminess has catapulted The Knocked Up Plan to my newest favorite Blakely RomCom. You can absolutely read this as a standalone although characters that we\’ve met in previous books do pop in for a quick cameo. **Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog.


Review #2

The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) audiobook streamming online

Im not even going to pretend that Im anything but a huge Lauren Blakely fan girl. She just seems understand what I want in a romantic comedy, and she nails it for me every single time. Just when I think she couldnt possibly top her last book, she comes out with another that totally sweeps me off my feet. Asking me to pick a favorite is like asking me to select the best chocolate chip from the bag. Its impossible, theyre all wonderful little bits of awesomeness. But sometimes, one will rise to the top of the bag in all its perfectly formed glory, and for me this year, its The Knocked Up Plan. Everything I love about romantic comedies was here, all wrapped up into a fabulously well written package. The plot wasnt a typical workplace romance, and Blakelys take on this genre was a breath of fresh air. Im always impressed by the research she does for her books. This author is wildly creative, and she always finds something interesting and fun that makes each of her couples uniquetheir thing. I loved what she did in this bookit was romantic, exciting and, quite honestly, pretty darn inspiring. These two characters are professional communicators, so it was no surprise that they had the banter down patit was sharp, witty and never missed a beat. The humor in this book is abundant, but pay very close attention. What really kept me grinning throughout this story was the completely pragmatic way this couple approached their arrangement. Totally oblivious to their mutual attraction, neither one of them ever really considered the ramifications of throwing some romance onto that blazing inferno of lust. It was pretty tongue-in-cheek, and I have to say Blakely executed it spectacularly. I think all of her readers will agree, though, that while she doesnt hesitate to put obstacles in her characters paths to their happily-ever-afters, she also doesnt allow those obstacles to turn into these big, drawn-out, pain-filled, angst-ridden scenarios. There is just enough contention, just the right amount of conflict, before she delivers an incredibly satisfying resolution. I dont know how other readers feel about that, but I find it pretty dang refreshing. I just couldnt put this book down! It was so romantic, so swoony, so incredibly sexy! The Knocked Up Plan kept me furiously tapping my Kindle, late into the night, while simultaneously lamenting the turn of those pages and the fact that each one drew the story closer to completion. Three-hundred-plus pages of pure reading pleasure, this story kept me smiling from start to finish. Five smooches from me for Lauren Blakelys The Knocked Up Plan! ~ Danielle Palumbo


Review #3

Audiobook The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) by Lauren Blakely

This is an amusing book even if it\’s based on an unusual premise. Nicole decides she wants a baby, but not a husband so she selects her gorgeous co-worker, Ryder for the task. He is physical perfection, indicating good genetics. He is intelligent, fit and healthy and best of all he is a committment-phobe so there is no chance that he would want to be involved once she became pregnant. Nicole actually propositions Ryder by asking him to \’knock her up\’. He is a little startled at first but since he\’s always lusted after her, he agrees. They get used to sleeping together and look forward to it both missing each other when successful conception takes place. The story is by turns funny, heartwarming and moving as they each learn more about the other and finally fall in love not only with the baby but with each other. A lovely, funny, story, not to be missed.


Review #4

Audio The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) narrated by Andi Arndt Sebastian York

Oh boy, this is one sexy and sizzling read. Nicole is at her time in her life where the clock is ticking, she hasn\’t found the right man to settle down with and wants a baby. After pouring through endless donors and still not finding the man who could give her a child, like a light bulb Nicole thinks of her co-worker Ryder. Ryder is sexy, a commitment phoebe after being burned in a marriage and he ticks every one of Nicole\’s box\’s. I loved it! not only is this book sexy, fun and has great characters, I listened to this on audio and topped with Sebastian York\’s sexy voice you can\’t help but swoon time and time again over Ryder. Ryder is the perfect candidate but will being co-workers in the radio station be a problem? I mean Ryder has one job, granted he has to do it multiple times, he\’s supposed to knock her up and then that\’s it but oh the journey to unexpected love is so exciting. Knocked up is a sizzler of a read with great characters and leads to a heartwarming hea. Recommended friends to lovers romance with no angst, told in first person dual pov and leads to a hea.


Review #5

Free audio The Knocked up Plan (One Love #4) – in the audio player below

I was a bit late discovering Lauren Blakeley, but I\’ve been trying to make up for my mistake binge reading this series! Love it, great characters, delivered with a touch of real, humour and life to boot!! Great read, I\’d suggest starting at book one, BUT it\’s not necessary but you\’ll love Ryan and Nicoles story so much more when you understand the back story links!! Enjoy I certainly did


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