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11th Hour

Review #1

11th Hour audiobook free

While I wasn’t thrilled with the last book in the Women’s Murder Club series, “10th Anniversary”, I can’t say that for this one, “11th Hour.” I think this one is much better and though it doesn’t race with heart pounding suspense like some of Patterson’s other books, this one has a slower, more methodical pace to it that keeps building to the final twists and turns of the ending that does go at an edge-of-the-seat, page-turning speed.

Lindsay Boxer is married to Joe and she is pregnant. Being pregnant doesn’t slow her down or stop her from taking her usual risks or working as hard as she ever does. The first call that she and her partner, Rich Conklin, get is for the murder of Chaz Smith, who is an extremely rich man. He is shot in the restroom of a school during a concert in which his daughter is participating. The gun used to kill him came from the SFPD’s evidence room which causes a lot of questions ans suspicion.

One of the most horrifying cases that Lindsay and Rich have worked comes to light when, at the home of a very wealthy aging actor, two female heads are dug up and arranged as if on special display near the garden where someone unearthed them. The police dig up five more, but there are no bodies to be found on the property. This proves to be a real challenge to identify the remains and to figure out who committed the crimes.

Yuki is dating Lt. Jackson Brady, but Yuki isn’t in the story as much this time. Claire, the medical examiner, has long hours of work with the disembodied heads, and Cindy, the journalist, is always looking for a story. When the women all get a little time, they meet up for a breather just to catch up with each other and share their good and not-so-good news with each other. They’re a great group of women who love, protect and support each other.

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the storyline and also the pace of the book. The cases that Lindsay and Conklin took on were very difficult and called for long hours of hard work, but the author(s) show how strong and dedicated Lindsay Boxer is to her profession. The camaraderie among the members of The Women’s Murder Club is especially enjoyable because even though these are all very strong women, it shows that they still have the need to belong.

Most James Patterson fans should enjoy this book and I recommend it for those who have followed the series from the beginning. I’m looking forward to the next book in the Women’s Murder Club series.

Review #2

11th Hour audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

When you read a James Patterson book you know exactly what to expect, high power excitement that doesn’t stop.

The SFPD has come upon many crimes as San Francisco is a huge city but it always seem like the strangest of crimes always fall into the lap of Sgt. Lindsey Boxer. Sgt. Boxer and her partner Rich Conklin are called to the Ellsworth compound, the property of actor Harry Chandler who was accused of killing his wife 10 years ago but was never convicted because they never found any solid evidence or no body for that fact. Now they are back here again with the report of two dead bodies. Is Harry up to his old tricks again and will they be able to catch him this time?

There has been a rash of murders against high level drug dealers in San Francisco and there are absolutely no clues as to who is doing this. It seems like there is a vigilante on the loose righting the wrongs that the drug dealers are causing but that can not happen in Sgt. Boxer’s city. Lindsey calls her girls to kick around some idea with: Cindy, the reporter who is also the girlfriend of Lindsey’s partner Rich. Suki, the ADA who is also the girlfriend of Lindsey’s boss and Claire, the medical examiner who is also Lindsey’s best friend and together they have dubbed themselves The Women’s Murder Club. These professional ladies bounce ideas off of each other regarding difficult cases that they all happen to be involved with in one way or another, think outside of traditional problem solving methods and giving scenarios that traditional police work might not use.

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro are a awesome writing team. They have paired up on many of Patterson’s titles and they never disappoint. I enjoy their work and I look forward to the next installment in this series because these women many more crimes to solve.

Review #3

Audiobook 11th Hour by James Patterson

The Women’s Murder Club is back for its 11th adventure, in a novel cleverly named 11TH HOUR. I have to give Patterson and random coauthor credit for creating a series that I keep coming back to. I admit that I enjoy the writing style and the familiarity of the characters. However, the quality of these books can solely be judged on the plot. The 9th in the series had a great plot with a serial killer. The tenth tried to have three separate mysteries, and all three bombed. This book sticks with two stories and some of it is good, some bad.

The novel opens with Chaz Smith being gunned down in the bathroom stall at the school of his kid’s music recital. Chaz Smith was a big time drug dealer. All evidence points to the killer being a cop since the murder weapon was taken from the police evidence locker. The killer calls himself “Revenge.” Also, seven severed heads are dug up in the backyard of the Ellsworth compound, a historical home owned by the famous Harry Chandler. Chandler was tried but not convicted of murdering his wife ten years ago.

Lindsay Boxer, now married and pregnant, gets both cases. Cindy is trying to get the scoop about the heads at the mansion, and Claire is trying to identify the bodies. Yuki doesn’t do much in this one. I always hate it when these novels have a bunch of plots going. It reads like a television series. This book seemed more like a novel, but in the end, it really was two unrelated plots that.

What I liked: I like the characters and the description of the police and their harried lifestyle seems spot on. Like I mentioned earlier, the characters are familiar and there is comfort in reading about old friends.

I liked this book until the very end. When I looked back on it, I realized it just didn’t have much going for it. The two mysteries were thin, and the character conflict was contrived.

What I didn’t like: I could cut and paste my complaints from several earlier reviews from this series. I don’t like the two separate mysteries. Neither get the attention they deserve. I don’t like the manufactured conflict between Lindsay and Joe. Patterson teases like it might have some bearing on the plot, but it really doesn’t.

Review #4

Audio 11th Hour narrated by January LaVoy

After reading the first few chapters of this latest in the ‘Women’s Murder Club’ series, I was relieved. The previous one, number ten just did not keep up to the standard I have come to expect from this gripping series. Albeit, the ‘edge of your seat’ fast paced action of the first few in the series, take ‘the 5th Horseman’ The 5th Horseman (Womens Murder Club 5)  for example, is just not there. However, it is still a good read.
In the 11th Hour, we have two very different murders to check out. One is a grizzly find in a film star’s back garden, the second is the vigilante shootings of drug dealers. The second one hits the team rather close to home as the gun used is from the SFPD’s own evidence locker. Mistrust is rampant throughout the department.
I love the characters in the Women’s Murder Club series and in this one, it was good to see them working together as a team once again. However, in the 11th Hour, I felt that the full force of their characters was not there. Each member has a very different personality and that did not shine through as strongly as it did in previous Women’s Murder Club books.
Overall, I enjoyed the book and was pleased that the Women’s Murder Club is not in complete decline. Cannot wait for number twelve!!

Review #5

Free audio 11th Hour – in the audio player below

Another in this series I greatly enjoyed. I’ve read them all and followed these women so it’s like coming back to visit old friends. In this story there are a load of skulls found in an actor’s back garden and in another case someone is killing drug dealers which can’t be a bad thing. He was doing a pretty good job if you ask me !!
I did happen across a couple of crashing spelling mistakes which I really didn’t expect from a best-selling author’s work and they could do with correcting. He used lede instead of lead and deserts and not desserts !! Something else mentioned was the ides of June when referring to the 13th but I’d always though the ides of March was the 15th ?
Another annoyance near the end was in a conversation with Jacobi Lindsay asked if Randall knew something about a cop and he said he didn’t know but Randall left a note by his bed. That’s not a spoiler, don’t worry, just pointing out a continuity error. Anyone else notice that ?
Anyway, I’ll be looking forward the 12th of Never.

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