21st Birthday

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21st Birthday

Review #1

21st Birthday audiobook free

Another will written murder mystery family and friends relationships adventure thriller novel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro A Women’s Murder Club Thriller 21. A mother and young daughter are missing and Boxer is looking into what is going on? Then the daughter is found in the bay. And it becomes a murder investigation. Did the husband murder the daughter? Then another body of a young woman 🚺 is found, then the mother in her car 🚗 in the bay, and the husband’s mistress is found dead. Who is the killer, the car or the son? I would highly recommend this series and authors to readers of romantic relationships mystery novels

Review #2

21st Birthday audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

Loved the twists and turns as Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club tackle their latest series of murders. Just when you thought it was solved,it couldn’t be further from the truth. It makes you question what you believe about the justice system. Great read.

Review #3

Audiobook 21st Birthday by January LaVoy

Who, what and where mystery keeps one wondering and trying to surmizing
Until the very end of the book.

Review #4

Audio 21st Birthday narrated by Cris Dukehart

Love these Women’s Club Mysteries! Plot kept me guessing to the end ! Always look forward the next book for alk the series Mr. Patterson writes!

Review #5

Free audio 21st Birthday – in the audio player below

Not sure I understand the One star reviews, but, that’s what opinions are for. This, for me, is a return to cracking form for team Patterson and Paetro. From first to last page, just twists after twist,. The tension in the final third had me so gripped I just had to read on til the end without stopping. The domestic scenes with Joe, Martha and Julie, fitted in and don’t hold up the action, and the other members of the WMC all had a bigger better part than some previous novelsl; If the writing team can keep up this standard then I truly can’t wait for the 22nd. (But I guess I will have to!)

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