204 Rosewood Lane

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204 Rosewood Lane audiobook

Hi, are you looking for 204 Rosewood Lane audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.

204 Rosewood Lane audiobook
204 Rosewood Lane audiobook

Review #1

204 Rosewood Lane audiobook free

So many stories all at once and all sad. I do know that into each life some sadness must fall. This story focuses on Families falling apart, Couples breaking up, Misunderstandings, Past failures that effect them forever. the most cheerful thing is the discovery of a suicide after a year of being missing. Vietnam Vet that never got the help he needed in dealing with killing a mother and child and then the village they lived in. Returned home to live in ‘darkness’ that hurt his family till he just disappeared one day., within just a few months his wife filed for and received a divorce. Even new grand children or successful cancer treatments did not cheer this group up Of course the Babies were preemies and the rush to the hospital took him over 2 hours. maybe he stopped to see his ex on the way. I have enjoyed her novels before but will not continue this series. OF course not a one of the many different families tales was finished in this part of the series… must get the next for that, or maybe not even then. . .

Review #2

204 Rosewood Lane audiobook in series Cedar Cove

I’ve read and enjoyed this author many times in the past – but this series os more like a soap opera than plotted novel. Problems apparently continued to the next installments, so many characters with such shallow or secretive ‘problems’ it’s hard to keep track of who is whom. Several of the ‘mysteries’ and relationships were left hanging. Sad because McComber is great at developing the characters but this time there was so much minutiae about having tea and repeating stories and going here and there….I won’t bother with the rest of this series.

I love her books! I’ve read ten of her books since May of 2018. As I type, it’s October of 2018. Her writing is absolutely excellent! I’ll read her books as long as she keeps writing. She has a fabulous talent of drawing in the reader from one book to the other. I love Cedar Cove!! Thank you Debbie Macomber!!

Review #3

204 Rosewood Lane audiobook Lane by Cedar Cove

204 Rosewood Lane….I discovered too late that this book was just one in a series of stories about this town and the certain chosen families in it. D. Macomber has a good way of making up characters and placing them together in unique situations. I like that. Her writing is good. But you know what….I like for a good finish that settles things in the stories told about these people. The ending of this book left the reader hanging. Maybe that is the ploy to get the reader to go immediately and buy the next book to keep up with things. But for me, even if it is a series, the reader deserves to be satisfied with conclusions of one type or another. It is unsettling to see there are no more pages and the reader is left wondering what just happened. I’m cut off. If you write a book…finish it enough to be like the end of a good meal, full and satisfied. Don’t think I’ll get the next book…it may end the same way, with things left up in the air. Unsettling to say the least. See Gee

Review #4

204 Rosewood Lane audiobook narrated by Sandra Burr

The first book felt like I was reading more about a tv show, and this book was the same. Most of the characters are back, but rather than give Cecelia and Ian spotlight, there’s focus on a new couple in a struggling marriage. You also see more from Maryellen and there’s a story from her POV tied in.

Some loose ends get tied up, like finding out where Dan’s been, but then other things are left unresolved. Sometimes months pass from one paragraph to another, and I find it difficult to keep up with the timeline when it switched POV from character to character.

The books aren’t bad. Some people love it. I just don’t care for the many stories tied into one. It doesn’t read like a book, in my opinion. I probably will not continue the series.

Review #5

204 Rosewood Lane audiobook – in the audio player below

If you are filliwing the entire Cove Creek series in order this moves things along. If you have already read later books in the series this will fill in some pieces. BUT, and to me this is an important but, you will not have any sense of completion at the end of the book. There are so many story plots going on and for me only one is even remotely resolved. I read forbrelaxarion but I still like depth to my characters. I read sporadically, usually depending on what I find at yards sales. Debbie Macomber is a trustwoerthy author. This time I was dissappointed. This was not in my opinion a stand alone book 204 Rosewood Lane audiobook.

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