2nd Chance

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2nd Chance

Review #1

Mate Bond audiobook free

What’s not to like about this one. Women’s Murder Club together again to catch a killer but in this one it comes a bit close to home. It’s a good read and a good murder mystery. The series goes on and doesn’t disappoint.

Review #2

Mate Bond audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

James Patterson, always a good read. The women’s murder club meets to share clues and works through them get the murderer!

Review #3

Audiobook Mate Bond by James Patterson

I am finding that I have forgotten the stories that I read so long ago. I am off to find the next book in this series. I am sure I will be entertained by James Patterson writings for some time.

Review #4

Audio Mate Bond narrated by Jeremy Piven

Lindsay Boxer returns to work following the conclusion of the wedding murders having lost the lost of her life in the process .She had to fight her own personal life battle and seemed to be getting a second chance. A lesser person would have turned away from the job and the hurt of the loss but Lindsay Boxer could not in all good conscience walk away, the job was in her blood. Its not long before she is in a race against time to find an evil killer who is targeting people from the black community. What do the victims have in common? It starts to get very personal when Lindsay’s friend Claire becomes a target , a cop she trained with is killed and her boss Mercer is shot and killed. Even Cindy becomes a target. Everything is pointing to the killer being a cop with a vengeance. Why has her estranged father ( an x cop from SFPD) of 11 yrs suddenly shown up and what is his connection to the case? Lots of questions and one Lady determined to find the answers. Thankfully she is not alone, The girl has Warren Jacobi on her side and three other girls in her team Claire Jill and Cindy.
I like this girl she is strong and determined yet has a vulnerable streak a mile wide. Can’t wait for the next book. Patterson has drawn me in and I’m loving it.

Review #5

Free audio Mate Bond – in the audio player below

I’m reading this series in order and have really enjoyed the first two. I’m giving it a rest now because they’re going to be quite similar I think, and they are so fast paced and full on that I need a rest to catch my breath! Really good story lines and I do like the characters.

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