Unlucky 13

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Unlucky 13

Review #1

Unlucky 13 audiobook free

They usually wrap all the story lines up but not the belly bomber. I guess I’ll find out in the next book. I was surprised that the Lindsey-Morales story line wasn’t longer. This made me want to go on an Alaskan cruise.

Review #2

Unlucky 13 audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

As always another great read by Patterson ! I have yet to read anything of his I didn’t like, you can’t put his books down he has you that you just can’t wait to read the next chapter. Thank You Mr Patterson for the continous out put of fantastic books

Review #3

Audiobook Unlucky 13 by James Patterson

This is the first detective novel I have ever read and also my first book by James Patterson. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the author name when I purchased the book. I am an indie author and have written two science fiction and one zombie novel. I am about halfway through writing my fourth book which is a detective murder mystery and I thought I should read a best selling mystery book to get an idea of the tempo that readers like. I went to Amazon and downloaded this book.

First off, I enjoyed the story. I personally really like that there are several plot lines contained in the same novel. Since this book is a part of a series with multiple main characters, it gives you more bang for your buck. It’s almost like several short stories that are intertwined with each other that come together to give you a satisfying conclusion.

If you like a mystery where every nuance of how the murder was solved is laid out for you, this story is not for you. Likewise, if you like police procedurals, this isn’t your book.

Review #4

Audio Unlucky 13 narrated by January LaVoy

Review #5

Free audio Unlucky 13 – in the audio player below

I thought this was another gem in this terrific series and didn’t really understand all the bad press it’s getting and awful reviews. I enjoyed it the same as the others…….my only complaint is we didn’t see much of Claire in this instalment.
I’ve never heard of belly bombs and it’s quite a horrifying thing unless it’s just something Mr Patterson has invented. These days, who can tell ??
Not sure why he added a space in foot well which is usually the one word and irritatingly one character’s name altered from Worley to Morley within a couple of pages. Those were the only mistakes I spotted though, which is better than in previous e-books of his.
I loved all the sweet parts with Yuki and her man in this story although nothing was plain sailing for them, that’s for sure !! I’d love to see Cindy and Richie make amends too. Fingers crossed for number 14 !!

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