3rd Degree

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3rd Degree

Review #1

3rd Degree audiobook free

Loved the book. I always love the Women’s Murder Club books. I’ve been reading them for a while. I’ve read the recent ones and now I am catching up on the older ones. I am never disappointed with a James Patterson book.

Review #2

3rd Degree audiobook Series Women’s Murder Club

I have been going back into the series and trying to make sense of the past. Saddened by the turn of fortune for one of the four club members, but a looking forward to seeing how she is replaced by an equally strong female character.

Review #3

Audiobook 3rd Degree by Andrew Gross

I do enjoy these books, Patterson can tell a good story and keeps it moving. I’ve come to expect the “twist” but its fun trying to guess will it twist this way…or that way…or maybe..
I find it actually a bit annoying he’s made part of the plotting a group of women meeting time to time. Its evident Lindsey can manage her police homocide squard on her own. Its totally believable that she could be friends with these other woman and discuss cases with them ( all except the reporter who’s career and livihood depend on her getting a “scoop” for her newspaper) but to meet with all of them and then discuss particulars of a case over drinks in a very public place??! Uh-uh. He could have easily have just kept them friends without the silly public drink fest case discussions. Guess it couldnt be a murder “club” then,
Nevertheless the storylines ( with above exception) are a good read. I plan to read all the “number” books. The chapters are also short , which makes it nice if you can’t put a book down before finishing a chapter (me) but often the action is such you want to read the next chapter right then.

Review #4

Audio 3rd Degree narrated by Carolyn McCormick

This series is still good and I am still enjoying it for the second time, but I did get a little deja vu where Lindsay Boxer is concerned. Seems she has a fondness for greeting her male co workers at the door in only a towel. Anybody else make that connection? Nevertheless, the novel, the third in the Women’s Murder Club series is still entertaining and this time there is a shocking twist. Somebody dies. What I love about this series is that not everything is bright and dandy for these very realistic women and bad things happen to good people like in real life. This particular twist in the series follows terroism. An extreme environmentalist group or some such is terrorizing the citizens of San Francisco and Lindsay, Jill, Claire, and Cindy have to get to the bottom of it before one of them dies. While all the terrorism is going on, Lindsay has a romance and Jill has some issues in her personal life that a lot of women readers out there will relate to. This one has a little less Lindsay, more Jill, but is as usual, told from Lindsay’s point of view.

Review #5

Free audio 3rd Degree – in the audio player below

I started The Women’s Murder Club Series not to long ago, it was my introduction into the writings of James Patterson and I honesty can’t believe its taken me this long to pick up one of his worst. Just like the first two in the series 3rd Degree is a page turner in every way. Full of plot twists that keep you guessing with each chapter.
The Chapters are short which for whatever reason seems to make the book go much faster. By the third installment of the series you’ve come to know and love all the main characters which isn’t always the case with multi books series. Also, it’s nice to see a series with more than three books. These days all authors are doing the trilogy thing. Each book stands on its own as a great work but also ties together seamlessly.
For those of you who enjoy the Rizzoli & Isles by Tess Gerassin or The Tracy Crosswhite Series by Robert Dugonj you’re guaranteed to love The Women’s Murder Club series.

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