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Savaged audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Savaged audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Savaged audiobook free

Mia Sheridan has done it again! Harper Ward grew up in Helena Springs, Montana. She is a self made wilderness expert in this quiet, small town, and is called upon to help guide an investigator brought in to solve two recent, brutal murders. When a suspect is brought in who is more savage than civilized, Harper is intrigued by the man, and pulled further into the case than she could have ever imagined. Known only as Lucas, the man seems to be hyper aware of his surroundings, even as he is clearly confused and out of his comfort zone. His survival instincts are finely honed, after years living in the wilderness, cut off from the town and its people. Her knowledge of the surrounding wilderness is unmatched, until she meets him. They are both anomalies. He isnt used to being a part of society, she has felt like she doesnt quite belong. This is a story filled with intrigue and suspense. Beginning with the murders and continuing through the search for who was behind them and who Lucas really was built a level of suspense that had me continually turning the pages. As Harper follows her instincts and learns more about who Lucas is, they find themselves playing with fire as the chemistry between them builds. Flashbacks from Lucass development give insight to how he came to live alone in the wilderness and builds the connection between him and the murdered individuals. As readers learn more about his upbringing, it becomes clear that he fears more than just re-entering society, he fears those he looks up to learning the secrets behind how he survived. I loved the way the side characters built themselves into the story. There were a set of characters that had me hoping they would be able to find the peace they were seeking in Montana, and others that had me questioning their motives. I was surprised by the way all the characters seemed to be touched by a bit of fate, and the idea of destiny guiding decisions. Once again Mia Sheridan has crafted a story that pulls me in with intriguing, dynamic characters and then has me guessing and re-guessing at plot points through the entire story. I was shocked at some of the revelations the characters both revealed and discovered through the journey of this book. I am still thinking about some of these revelations and connections days after finishing the book and this is easily going to be one of my top reads of the year.


Review #2

Savaged audiobook streamming online

Do you ever read a book and, as you turn the pages, find yourself wondering how its author conceived of the characters and plot? That was me, from start to finish with Savaged. How did Mia Sheridan think of this? How did she first imagine Lucas? His story? Harpers background? Regardless of how she did it, the important thing is that she did, indeed, write this book. Mia Sheridan grabs you by the throat on the first page and does not let go until you read the last. And even then, her characters have burrowed so deeply into you that you will never let them go. Lucas, dear readers, is a hero for the ages. He is kind and good and innocent in a way you hope will never be breached. You so dearly want him to find his peace and contentment, yet you also want him to remain true to himself. Just as Harper does, you worry that he will be changed by what happens to him and that he will lose the essence of who he is. Harper perhaps surprises herself most of all with her strength and determination. She wants Lucas to help Lucas find his answers almost as much as she wants to find her own. More, even. This story compels you to keep reading. You need to know what happened to Lucas and Harper, and you need to know what will happen. You also want to stay with them, to keep spending time with them. Be prepared for your heart to break. Be prepared to cry so hard that you cant read Mia Sheridans words. What makes a savage? Is it where they live? How they live? Or is it what is in their hearts? Mia Sheridan asks this question, and then she takes you on a perilous journey to answer it.


Review #3

Audiobook Savaged by Mia Sheridan

Oh. My. Gosh. I… Dont even know where to begin. First, Mia, I don\’t know why you were scared to publish. Every book you write is pure gold. You have such a extraordinary way of telling stories. They come from your soul, I love each and every one of your books. They are a soothing balm to MY soul. I\’ll treasure each book you write, forevermore. Second, reader wanting to read this book: Read it. Please. This book has everything. A beautiful storyline. Mystery. Steam. Sweet romance. I couldn\’t get enough. I\’m so sad to let these characters go. If only we could reread books for the first time. 6+ awe-inducing, breath taking, wild stars. I\’m so in love with this book.


Review #4

Audio Savaged narrated by Chelsea Hatfield Christian Fox

This was quite awful. Ridiculous… We are supposed to believe that the hero lived almost his entire life alone in the forest but kept civilized because of his goed character? And that he could read and write and talk with a perfect accent? And his biggest dream/ concern would be of finding his soulmate ? Pfff… Awful read…


Review #5

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Whenever I see Mia Sheridan has a new book, I immediately order it. I absolutely adored Archers Voice and Kyland. These two books are in my top 5 romance novels. So the fact Ms. Sheridan has 2/5 is pretty special. I liked this book, but I didn\’t love it . I felt this book was part Hunger Games, part Universal Soldier mixed with some Archers Voice. It was better than other novels Ms Sheridan has written and the ending did surprise me. I didn\’t see it coming. But, will I remember this book one year from now? Doubt it. I will still read Ms Sheridan\’s next book though. Love her prose and character developement.


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