Can I Give My Husband Back?

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Can I Give My Husband Back? audiobook

Hi, are you looking for Can I Give My Husband Back? audiobook? If yes, you are in the right place! ✅ scroll down to Audio player section bellow, you will find the audio of this book. Right below are top 5 reviews and comments from audiences for this book. Hope you love it!!!.


Review #1

Can I Give My Husband Back? audiobook free

I enjoyed this book in the beginning… then became more and more annoyed with a few details. Overall the emotional journey would have been a good topic and was not done badly. But I cannot stand affirmative sentences ending in question mark over and over again, also got satiated with the overly detailed sexual content (and I am not religious or prudish, just prefer subtlety). The story ending did not bring much of a surprise and reading the book did not really offer much to the reader, I think. I often felt like the wording was just too verbose and it was suffocating in way – not exactly the prose I like, it was more like listening to an acquaintence that is overly excited and cannot stop talking. So although there were valuable bits in the novel, I did not like it much, unfortunately.


Review #2

Can I Give My Husband Back? audiobook streamming online

This is only the second book review I\’ve written. The reviews were good so I bought it on Kindle. A couple things: 1–whoever did the author\’s proofreading for grammar and punctuation didn\’t earn their money, sad to say. Example: \”Her and Danny enjoyed\”……A couple of those, no big deal. But there were those plus sentences that were without any or proper punctuation and so on. I guess it finally got in my way and I stopped reading. 2–there were some good dialogue lines and those kept me reading! However, the characters seemed stereotypical. The philandering husband, wounded wife, eccentric sister.. There just wasn\’t enough new perspective on the infidelity/divorce/career issues to make these characters stand out as real people.


Review #3

Audiobook Can I Give My Husband Back? by Kristen Bailey

As stated, this is a laugh out loud and uplifting page turner about a woman slogging through the first two years after divorce, with the help of her four sisters. Good character development and entertaining situations interspersed with the pain of heartbreak and recovery. My only criticism is the epilogue which would have been a better preface. I really enjoyed the book but felt dissatisfied after reading the epilogue.


Review #4

Audio Can I Give My Husband Back? narrated by Karen Cass

I loved this book! I loved getting to know more of this family and can\’t wait to read more. So glad Em got her story told. I appreciate that it delves into real life issues and shows how hard it can be to deal marital problems while juggling motherhood and a career. Once again, excellent story by the author!


Review #5

Free audio Can I Give My Husband Back? – in the audio player below

This is a fabulous book. Exceedingly entertaining AND enlightening to boot. It addresses some very important issues that many people struggle with, in a way that I know will be a necessary catalyst for some. It\’s a bonus that you often don\’t find in a work of fiction, which makes it a win/win. This is the second of a series, and I\’m really looking forward to the rest of the books. Definitely worth your time!


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